West of the positions of Russia and China on the events in Ukraine

West of the positions of Russia and China on the events in Ukraine
«The international community» — well, at least, specifically refer to themselves as the authorities of the United States, Canada and the puppet they are 28 members of the European Union — was «expressing concern» into the «action» of the Russian Federation in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

Yes, of course … Concerns laws world-famous western script «cohort» starts expressing exactly at the moment when the situation begins to develop not to the tune of their horns. Dudka played when relying on ultra-radicals «popazitsionery» (please do not consider this a typo author) was converted to big government in the heart of medieval Europe in the geographical scarecrow. Dudka played when armed «people» with portraits of Nazi accomplices broke into the administrative structure, pulled her hair representatives of the legitimate authorities, policemen killed, burned stadiums, conservatory, house unions, citizens beaten only for what they say they are not in the Ukrainian language. ;

And now the pipe plays, but only «popazitsii» under it «can not» dance. Why? Yes because the weighty word uttered those who pardon the colloquial directness, frankly took this rabble, who calls himself «the new government.» This speech was delivered Crimea, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk, other town east and south-east of Ukraine. And so, without seeing synchronicity dancing under his tune, «progressive» Europe (though need to see, not all), together with progressive states are scratching their heads … Say, what the … Why «democratic achievements» under the banner of ultra-radical organizations in Ukraine are happy not all ? Why not hang the Stars and Stripes and the rest of the «right» banners on all the towns and villages of Ukraine?

And here is also a new blow — in entire regions not only do not arise flags of the EU and the U.S., and even quite the contrary — on office buildings posted Russian tricolors … In Washington and Brussels have decided to closely look over that tune, initially under which «dances» out bodren’kiye and that virtually synchronous — maybe something clogged, maybe dudim the wrong hole … Like everything with a «tool» OK, but what happens then? — Wonder progressivschiki. Realized — well, yes it is all Russia … Again incites, you know, trying to cultivate a dictatorship again, again «Putin gebnya» and all in the spirit of it.

In normal angle coverage here decided to enter many Western publications. On the front pages and in most major reports «otdemokratizirovannyh during the time these should» occur media images of how Our homeland «annexing» Ukrainian countryside. Main ‘evidence’ that immediately comes into play — a look-see — Russian flags on public buildings Sevastopol, Kharkiv, Donetsk. Well, if the Russian flag means, of course, there came incognito Vladimir Putin and yelling «Putin! Putin! «He set up on the structure of Russian tricolors … Sentry!

West of the position of the Russian Federation and China on the events in Ukraine

In other words, when the EU flags and banners of the UPA, UNA-UNSO maydanovtsy hung on buildings Kiev administration, municipal institutions marvelous street after «negotiations» with European politicians, often once in Kyiv, it is, you know, not a sign of the political will to impose alien not purposeful stepping over the constitutional order, not wanting to sit down in the chair Kiev imperative own puppets. A Russian view of the municipal flag, as you can see, their causes foaming in the mouth and an allergic reaction around the tender calf. Well, if you do not like the look of Russian tricolor — people will post the flag of victory, that someone of something to remind …
To understand what the reaction is a tough position of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, taken separately in the ranks of the Western «democrats», you can look at the same page again separately taken publication.
German FAZ («Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung») comes from an article entitled «Russia in shameful post in New York.» Material created by Andrew Ross (FAZ political columnist in the United States), leaves, gives to understand that the UN has its own shameful post. As politically incorrect sire Ross expressed in the address of «unity» of U.S., Canada and the EU … shameful post them even dignify nobody …

So, Ross «bring» to «progressive community» situation around the UN Security Council meeting at which Russian salting in the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, said that Ukraine must return to the legal field — namely, to the agreement of February 21, 2014 between the Ukrainian authorities and the opposition, backed by the signatures of the representatives of the governments of Poland, Germany and France. Recall that according to the agreement Viktor Yanukovych undertook to early elections, form a coalition government, also address the question of a return to the 2004 Constitution. Opposition to put their signatures, promising to disarm maidan finish mess and start a political role in the legal format. The three EU countries were the guarantors for implementation of the agreement. But instead of guaranteeing the EU withdrew, which led to the seizure of power by force in Ukraine.
So here’s the emperor of FAZ Ross says that European ambassadors and did not have to happen to give any guarantees, for attention: the agreement was informal …! Oh! Well, well done Andrew … Well done … All euroallied diplomats, it turns out, unofficially. Well, this cabal …

And still the same observer of FAZ resents China occupied positions in the UN Security Council. Here it should be noted that Chinese diplomats in New York said that China would exercise its right to «veto» in this case, if the Security Council to adopt a resolution against the endeavor of. In addition, according to an unnamed source disk imaging FAZ (information confirmed edition http://www.politonline.ru/) China held critical talks with the Turkish authorities and assured Tipo Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the need to close the passage through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea for NATO ships. If this is indeed the case (in which, frankly, hard to believe, given the fact that Turkey is a NATO member itself), it is real information bomb. In this regard, more than understandable spatter saliva sovereign Russia and the «progressive» West, because it turns out that the West would simply not possible inheritance, continuing to pour through the dangers of the media.

West of the position of the Russian Federation and China on the events in Ukraine

Recall that the UN Security Council meeting was initiated by London, and at this meeting, Russian Federation (because a priori declared «by some people» in Russia in the UN intrigued Ukrainian conflict escalation) has no right to vote. And here such a large «suckling pig» London and the rest of the «progressive utterly» puts Beijing. Maybe London or Washington would impose a «veto veto» Beijing warned of possible sanctions against China already … Well, it’s unlikely. When discussions with modern Beijing, London and Washington may impose unless completely different substances in their own pants …

Why China is ready to support Russia in the UN Security Council? One of the reasons — China has a huge number of signed agreements with legitimate Ukrainian authorities. From the fact that many of these agreements are not made now, China is losing heavily. Russian position can afford to return the situation in Ukraine in the constitutional mainstream. For China, this is the perfect option.

Reason second — new heresy «Ukrainian» in the person of the sovereign authorities Yatsenyuk tried in the first days are the same in their own vossedaniya Prime Minister’s chair prick China and so have caught the West. Last week, the emperor Yatsenyuk claimed that Beijing sues 3 billion. dollars in international arbitral tribunal for undelivered to the Celestial grain «old» by the authorities. The Chinese side stated that any claim not filed Beijing and going to settle the problems of Ukrainian debt only bilaterally without verbovaniya international arbitrators.
Reason third — which manifests itself in recent years similar position of Russia and China in the international arena, and this position oh, how I do not like Western «partners», a large number of times about her broken off their teeth.

Support for the Russian position in the international arena is very critical, but even more fundamentally — the rigidity of its position on advocacy Russian and Russian population adjacent countries, power in the capital and in the west which captured radicals based extremist anti-constitutional coup.

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