What does human blood?

Even in the Soviet Union, carried out mass campaign for blood donation. Donating considered honorable thing. However, no one thought about the number of drawing blood. It was believed that the patients needed it. But still, let's include the brain. Here's a selection of information:

First, about the backstage "horrors" of medicine told themselves former classmates. Then — the endless string of daily patients of the Center. Some stories were perceived with humor — just as medical malpractice. From others' hair on end getting up "and it was impossible to believe in the reality of what is happening.

If you compare the numbers are handed over in countless days of the decade, month-long blood supply with data on its spending for the declared purpose, you will be surprised. If not find the second digit. Transfusions during operations and some diseases are so minuscule that compare ridiculous. And if you remember a need for blood of their relatives and friends, that surprised even more. Blood in hospitals, as a rule, are not affected. Declared the campaign, advertise, mobilizing family and friends with the same or the first group … In general, many familiar. And those who went to the target delivery to a particular person, noted detail: no one in this group even krovopriemnikah not ask, take it. Add to blood, disappearing into a "black hole", half of the blood of infants, abstracted medical office with further — get a feeling for the scale of the phenomenon.

These pictures are from the so-called "Codex Borgia" (for bydlomass uchebnikovkatolicheskie and Canons, to get to the New World, and destroy indigenous writing in all media, to a carefully collected and stored them). Briefly about the plot of the left image, the change of seasons there. At the top of "apocalypse" for the "world tree" there the Aztecs, "from which the dart chipped flesh of the people" chick "-Geist. And below this" chick "is beginning to cultivate a new tree. As can be seen, for the next" smenki "- the Maya people. Oversees Sim familiar klyuvoryl, there he is, with his tongue hanging out, looking out of the "stars of the Apocalypse" — the very apocalyptic calendar that raspiaren today across the world. On the right figure, note the familiar striped flask with trash (DNA "Aztec orcs" depicted more clearly and, like everything else, by the way) and the fact that beaked bollocks, sitting in the same "apocalyptic Star", a common digestive tract with the local ruler, to take up the "society of the gods." On the third shot, we see a familiar ritual in ritual potroshitelsky accompanied litsedeev, musicians and golopopyh beauties with skirts just below the navel, and the accompanying ritual procession. ahead carry new DNA as a staff at Hermes and still a thousand objects of worship, followed by the familiar cones.


You know, Watson, that monitors the Department traces of blood, a mind Goiskoye red. In the sense that it can clearly be seen a group of people who yavletsya consumer red blood. The abundance of cannibalistic symbolism and heraldry:

They even buried in coffins called "sarcophagus", which in Greek means "cannibal" or in Hebrew "KANiBAALY" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcophagus-Greek???? sarx meaning "flesh", and?????? phagein meaning "to eat", hence sarkophagus means "flesh-eating"; from the phrase lithos sarkophagos. (?????). Physiology, the Department was found simple. Very fresh alieny — golubokrovaya e-ita have blue blood in the genes, which gives blue bryunetistoy skin. So they have to drink human blood. For them it is a matter of physiology of respiration, and not a moral and ethical issue.

In medicine, there are strange things.

We have already noted that, regardless of the power in the country is subject to an unknown hospital superiors, who collects the placenta of newborns. In the placenta nahodistya almost half the volume of circulating blood neonatal blood of the highest quality, which is not collapsed and packed sverhimmunitetom mother. Over-immunity — state occurs only during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are cold and flu do not get sick! They have a super-state immunity!

Thus all obstetricians instructed above to the first few seconds of the birth the newborn umbilical cord tied with immediately, so that half of the blood of a newborn baby, trapped in the placenta, the placenta is placed in the freezer, and then shipped away to an unknown destination, leaving the infant with only half due him blood.

In addition, Watson — this procedure is like picking on the population donated blood. In the USSR, at least I saw that the collected blood is really massively transfused patients. In the USSR, this preserving blood pouring sick left and right.

Not at all in the U.S.! In U.S. hospitals blood transfusion — a very rare event! In the Soviet Union — is a 2 liter patient would fracture, while in the U.S. only begin to "scratch" in this regard. But buses that collect blood for Joo York, anchored in every neighborhood! That is obviously going to blood more than the Soviet Union, because mobile collection points everywhere. In this case, Watson, that is interesting .. That's 18 years living and traveling around the Joo York.

— never seen bladbankovye buses collected blood in Hasidic areas! So, Watson, I long ago began to wonder

Where does the blood collected bladbankami?

And now, Watson, how scientific Iverologiya has grown expert in alienskoy sivolike, I just found the answer in the street, where did disappears collected from blood donors, and at the same time and who is the collection of placentas? As always, all published openly and white of the day right in the face at all. See Goiskoye look stupid cow. Who sees himself: — automatically gets the credit for Scientific Iverologii!

And already one iverolog noted that the solution even in the color of the bus — the transition of blue blood in the red! And a direct indication on the board says "Give blood — she brings out the best from within." And "Eye in the Triangle", a stylized drop of blood you've spotted? Here's how and financial, and whose Blood Banks!


ROLE blood as the dominant energoin-formatsionogo and guiding factor in the life of man, enormously large … "

Not so simple is. However, this is still an esoteric direction. Many are wary of such statements. But in the name of Alexander Alexandrovich Bogdanov (1873-1928), is not so easy otmahneshsya. It is the pillar at the base of transfusion.

Interesting experiments have been made to them. All of them, at least, they said that the blood is not only a carrier of nutrients, but also a kind of substance that determines the life processes in the body. If his work after his death was classified, it does not mean that the phenomenon of blood ceased to exist.

blood — is the energy-structure that carries information, not just the one that we gave our ancestors: grandparents, parents. That is, the experience of survival, accumulated over centuries, but also the information that we have for the life of the world that surrounds us.

And any impact, whether physical or spiritual — instantly appears on the state of our blood. Long term negative effects on the various negative pathogens, is reflected, above all, on the cells and the structure of our blood.

trends in the international community is such that there is no doubt purposeful vreditelstve.Est all this is only one sensible explanation: "The suffering of some people can be turned into" food "for others." In other words, there are mechanisms for setting another's happiness. And confirmation of this phenomenon I got a Trehlebova:

"As you know, this … eat only kosher. meat, that is the meat of animals sacrificed particular, to the smallest details of the established method. This slaughter, in which the animal that is supported in an upright position, slowly bleeding to death under the impact of special piercing guns itself is disgusting cruelty. But remarkably, the sacrificial slaughter, for which the right …….. all countries are struggling with a scattering of extraordinary perseverance, to this day, completely preserved the value of religious sacrifice, for the very strong outflow gavvaha occurs during hemorrhage. Resnick, ……… deputed to this bloody witchcraft, is not simple butchers, and priests, and the whole ceremony is accompanied by eerie reading of special prayers and spells. "

Also, the writer and journalist Vasily Rozanov (1856-1918) describes the slaughter on …….. slaughterhouse with words of Russian veterinarians: "When I was made the slaughter of sheep, calves and yearling steers … was striking, I do not see slaughter as a religious rite … biblical sacrifice. In front of me was not just the butchers, and the clergy, whose roles were strictly divided. Leading role belonged to the butcher, the armed thrusting weapon, he was helped by a number of servants: some kept livestock for slaughter, keeping it in an upright position, the other animal … pinched mouth, others collected blood in sacrificial vessels … finally, the fourth held the sacred books, which were read and prayers performed a ritual rite …

Slaughtering hit their brutality and fanaticism … Resnick, armed in one hand a long knife in polarshina narrow blade … in another long, six inches with an awl, quietly, slowly, calculate animal inflicted deep stabbing wound, acting alternately named guns. With each blow checked the book, which the boy held open before Reznik … The first kick to the animal in the head, then the neck … The animal shook, tried to escape, tried to mumble, but was powerless: the feet were bound, in addition, it tightly held three stalwart servants, the fourth is being gagged … receives only a deaf, strangled, breathy sound.

Every blow was accompanied by a trickle of blood from one … it just oozing wounds, while the other gave it a fountain … Then there was a pause, of course, is short, but to me it seemed like an eternity, in the meantime, grind blood … At the end of follow further, and calculated , peaceful strikes, interrupts the prayer. These injections were given is very little blood or does not give her … By applying these attacks, the animal turned over on his back, and it was applied to the latter, the final blow … ".

Trehlebov commented:

"We must not just killing animals, not simply stun the animal and not even getting an increasing number of blood at that, and slow murder of the victim in such a way that, while maintaining her full consciousness, cause the greatest suffering, provide long experience of all this horror, that and creates the strongest outflow gavvaha "

"Gavva" — this mysterious substance is completely fit the description of one of the main substances that are prey to parasites. Then everything fell into place. And the current acts of global parasitic forces, and any blood sacrifice at all. Become clear as many magic rituals.

If you do not believe that many thousands of years in a row suffered unduly bredyatinoy mankind, we have to recognize the intelligence of these actions. The vast majority of these sacrifices meant the so called gods.

A metaphysical region, but eat something, it turns out, metaphysical beings, very real, preferably a human, blood. And they need the blood, just as the bearer of a "gavvaha." And this Gavva, it is also clear is neither glucose or sucrose, or other nutrients.

This is, apparently, the equivalent of human life force, or life in general. Obviously, in this case, this is not the most Gavva permanently dissolved in the blood, but in an emergency it takes blood, apparently for some purposes. Sure is protective and remedial purposes at the time of stress, fear, always accompanying the emergency situations in life.

We can say that it is the elixir of life. It should always keep alive. And it's always desired trophy kakih-nibud unviable entities. If these entities are not viable, but somehow live, so they steal someone else's life (stranger Gavva), respectively, other people's happiness.

On the question of what happens to all the blood donors — Alexey Artemyev book "How to steal a fortune …"

Krovodonorskoy organization logo — a red cross on a white background with a crescent moon "+)" stands for:
The cross is the main symbol Satany.Krasny the blood, white background — bezvinnost.Polumesyats a vessel to collect blood Gervais' caduceus. "

Briefly: The main blood goes to food parasites in underground bazah.Ee poured into cans and taken by car "Red Cross" to a terminal station, where a military cargo goes underground.
There also are taken from infants and plasma (they should be left near the child to full use, there is immunity for life.)
Stop the +) for a short time and no parasites in the world.

here's a clipping from a 1999 article
Cities of refuge are designed for a small number of people. Already, there are stored food and water, fuel, weapons, drugs and means of disposal. For example, Russia has recently embarked on conservation of fuel. The volume of incoming stocks are such that the country erupted gasoline crisis. The disappearance of thousands of tons of fuel theft authorities explain in Chechnya and the pipeline string, but actually causes the crisis to another. According to the Plan of Salvation, is scheduled to stock up on donated blood. This will be formalized as acts of civil patriotism — such as donations for wounded soldiers, or assistance to the earthquake victims.

Quite by chance had the idea and I climbed to delve into the 'Net. Do not believe it, but the reason was a trilogy of films "Blade," which I reviewed the other day here. If you remember — there stations Acceptance headed evil vampire blood, which collected blood for their own nefarious purposes.

Well, yes, it is quite logical — vampires, they are, what can I say. The film is over, but the thought of donoroah and krovehranilischah — remained.

As is well known to all of us — a call to donate blood and become a donor today is full of anything.

These are questions to which I briefly tried to answer a simple search in the internet:

How much blood meets annually in Russia?
How much blood is needed annually in Russia?
What blood supplies in Russia today?

Curiously, the hell where you will find answers to these questions are simple and unpretentious. But — it is full of very strange organization, traces of which go back to the misty distance near and far abroad. I'll do this later, but for now — here's what I managed to get through an Internet, logic and mathematics for elementary-Malinin Burenin:

Required blood transfusions every year 1.5 million people. In Russia. Number of donors in Russia now stands at about 14 per 1,000 population (the world is the norm krovosdatchikov 60-70 per thousand). Donors give blood every two weeks in the amount of 450 ml at a time. Very interesting to read limitations — who can and who can not give blood. But it's just another story.

We believe:

Russia's population (do not throw sticks — Statistics) — 145 million.
Total donors: 145,000 x 14 = 2.030.000 people.

In the year (round) — 50 weeks, divide by 2, we get 25 (each donor as a year passes their blood).
Total: 2,030,000 x 25 = 50.750.000 man / donations a year.

Each donor delivers 450 ml of blood at a time.

We believe: 50,750,000 x 0.45 = 22.837.500 liters of blood per year.

One patient requires 8-10 liters, of whom annually — 1,500,000 people.
Total, the maximum — 15 million liters.

Subtract one from the other, it turns 22.837.500-15.000.000 = 7.837.500

To sum up: Every year something with almost 8 million blood. Just do not have I heard the voice of storage! Since, as is written on all donor sites — never have enough blood. Each time, as soon as something happens — immediately raised a cry to heaven, that there is no blood, and all are urged to flee the hospital called to take krovitsu

Personally, I have a question — who exactly is constantly lacking human blood? Have any thoughts? Just do not have a vampire)))

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