What does the hole in the atmosphere of Titan?

January 4, 2012 14:10

The new equipment has allowed NASA to make new pictures of Saturn's moon — Titan. They can be distinguished clearly depressed, that is hollow in the upper atmosphere. Its origin, scientists still can not comment on.

A close look at the top picture, you can see the north pole of Titan and its distinct "multi-storey" layers in the atmosphere. In addition, the layered structure can be considered in other areas of planetary satellites.

The new images of Titan allow detailed consideration "hole", a breakthrough or just a transition between an orange layer of the atmosphere of the satellite and the blue layer of the upper layer of the atmosphere. The difference in the color gradation is explained by differences in particle size that scatter light (the orange layer it is more than that lying below the blue mist).

Some images satellite south pole is at the top right edge of the satellite, illuminated by the sun. This suggests that depression in the orange layer is somehow linked to the seasonal changes on Saturn's moon, with corresponding waves and eddies in the thickness of what can be called "air."

A mysterious basin covered cap like thin strips of light. According to the recollections of American astronauts like multilayer formation in the upper atmosphere, or, scientifically, "hood", last seen at the north pole of Titan in 2006.

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