What is mastitis?

What is the disease of the breast.

Breast disease — benign disease breast, manifested in its pathological proliferation of connective tissue. Disease occurs against the background of a hormonal imbalance in women. Breast disease has a significant impact on the health of many women, and in some cases can lead to a terrible disease — cancer breast.

The reasons:

  • hormonal imbalance (dysfunction of the ovaries);
  • inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • genital infections;
  • abortion;
  • not to breastfeed;
  • stress.

Benign breast changes include different clinical characteristics processes.

The steps of:

  • The initial stage of development is called mastitis diffuse mastopathy. Disease begins with the proliferation of connective tissue formed with small nodules millet. Its main manifestation is painful breast (Mastalgia), which occurs before menstruation and subsides when its beginning and periodically appear spherical seal in the upper chest. Women often ignore these symptoms for years without going to the doctor. And make a dangerous mistake, as it was in the early stages of breast disease responds well to conservative treatment.
  • With the further development of the disease in the breast tissue formed dense nodes ranging in size from a pea to a walnut. This form is called mastitis nodal. Pain in the chest while becoming more intense, may give the shoulder, armpit. Sometimes painful to the touch his chest. Of the nipple can be released colostrum bloody or clear fluid. When the feeling of the breast is easily determined lobulation or graininess tissues. At this stage of the disease cancer pain and changes do not disappear with the onset of menses.

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