Where do Putikov?


Foresters Altai region came to the aid of roe deer 

All forest region responded to the request of the regional ohotupravleniya help wild animals who find themselves in difficult life situation, told news agency «GreenPress» in the regional forest management. According to the agency, this winter in the Altai region has developed an emergency situation for ungulates that live in the woods: deer, wild boar, elk, red deer. Because of the high snow cover it difficult to move around and forage.

"Snow does not allow the animals to get to the grassy vegetation, limited approaches to the branches of trees, — states Altaykrayohotupravleniya specialists. — Particularly affected deer. They are starving and severely depleted. Currently, rangers and game wardens are taking measures to maintain the animals, but these efforts are not enough, therefore, to help wildlife rangers come. "

As described in the management of forests, more than three dozen forestry region carried out to feed wild animals and cleaning their paths of movement.

So, in Bobrovskoye forestry, among other things, hung in concentrations of more than 200 ungulates birch brooms, were taken to a special feeder ton of salt, two tons of vegetables, 15 quintals of hay and other fodder.

The Office also has asked the forest users with a request of authorizations to activate logging of hardwood trees, so that the animals were able to feed on forest residues. In addition, in the woods along the routes of movement of animals and to places cuttings are laid so-called Putikov — trails where they can find food.

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