Where hidden flying saucer of the Third Reich?

January 14, 2012 15:25

In 1947, when a wave of mass UFO sightings swept across America, U.S. intelligence began to frantically search for the answer to "flying saucers."

Of course, the first thing they remembered about the achievements of the Germans since the war. Captain Edward Ruppelt, who led the project of the U.S. Air Force for the Study of UFOs "Blue Book", recalled: "At the end of the Second World War, the Germans have been a number of promising projects, new aircraft and guided missiles. Most of them are at an early stage of development, but only these cars were close to the perfection of the objects that witnesses saw in the U.S.. "
However, the secret report headquarters occupying U.S. forces in Berlin from December 16, 1947 reads: "We have contacted many people to see developed or not the device of the" flying saucer "and whether information about that in the dossier of any German aeronautical research institutions. Among those interviewed were Walter Horten aircraft, the former secretary of the Air Force General Udet von der Ghraib, a former Air Force Command research bureau in Berlin Heinrich Günther, a former test pilot Eigen. All are independently insist that such devices never existed and were not designed. "

Birth of a legend

The first mention of "diskoletah" was Giuseppe Bellutstso in March 1950. Italian newspaper Il Mattino dell'Italia Centrale published his account of the fact that unmanned vehicles developed discoid since 1942, first in Italy, then in Germany. According Bellutstso, to raise them in the air during the war failed, but by 1950, this design have improved so much that now unmanned "diskolet" from ultra-light materials can carry a nuclear bomb.
The article caused a sensation: the aged Giuseppe Bellutstso (he turned 74) was a renowned expert on steam turbines and the author of nearly 50 books. From 1925 to 1928 he was Minister of Italy's economy, while Mussolini was a member of parliament. Military had even issued an official denial: in an interview with the Italian Air Force Gen. Satchel said that Italy was not engaged in such projects either in 1942 or later.
But interest in the UFO at the time was huge, and the comments of the experts did not care.
A June 7, 1952 France-Soir newspaper published an interview with "Dr. Richard Miethe, German aeronautical engineer, a retired colonel." Mitya said that in 1944 he created, along with six other engineers "flying saucer", "V-7", the engines of which the Russian captured in Breslau. " Behalf of the board, he did not name, but said that the three of them are dead and three others are likely also captured Russian. Mitya argued that "flying saucers" that see the world, built by the Soviet Union. The most interesting was the fact that journalists allegedly interviewed Meath in Tel Aviv! That there did former Nazi colonel, of course, if the interview was not invented, it remains completely unknown.
The legend of "diskoletah" Reich acquired final form in the acclaimed book, Major Rudolf Lusara, formerly of the German Patent Office. His work "The German weapons and secret weapons of World War II and their further development" has been translated into almost every European language.
The book says that since 1941 over "diskoletami" German engineers worked. When the war ended, all models have been destroyed, but the plant in Breslau, where he worked Meath, was in Russian hands. They took all the equipment and experts in Siberia, where he successfully continued his work on "flying saucers."
Former designer Miethe now in the U.S. and as far as we know, is building "plate" for the U.S. and Canada in the factories of the company AVRoe. Several years ago, the U.S. Air Force issued the order not to shoot at the "plate". This is an indication of the existence of the American "flying saucers" that should not be in danger … "
Lusara book, published in 1956, caused a clear interest from the U.S.. Report U.S. Air Force intelligence officer O'Connor, declassified in 1978, states: "In the Air Force intelligence dossier there is no evidence on the German development of" flying discs "and any indication of similar developments in the Soviet Union. Checking the available personnel files did not reveal any information about Mitya. We got in touch with the engineering personnel AVRoe company and found out that they were not aware of the existence of Mitya in the organization. "

UFO built-taught inventor?

In Austria, he lived and worked as a forester Viktor Schauberger (1885 — 1958), the superior man, who, having no education, tried to gain the power of nature and put them at the service of man. On account of his many inventions in the field of hydraulic engineering, including the original water turbine. Here are photos of his round turbines with a domed top and is usually issued for a German "plate."
Before the war, Schauberger was arrested by the Gestapo for disrespectful remarks about Hitler. Experienced hydraulic engineer released from the camp only because he was attracted to work on the engine cooling system "Messerschmitt".
Subsequently, the story of how he had spent time in a concentration camp, became a legend. The letter appears to be written by Schauberger, said: "Flying Saucer", which has been flight tested February 14, 1945, near Prague, and which reached an altitude of 15,000 meters in three minutes, accelerating to 2,200 km / hour at level flight, was created together with world-class engineers and material strength of the number of prisoners who have given to me to work. As I understand it, just before the end of the war machine was destroyed … "
However, supporters of the German "diskoletov" usually silent, that Viktor Schauberger had after the war to be treated in a psychiatric hospital. And the stories of people with formal psychiatric diagnosis should be viewed with caution.

Adventure Ernst Zundel

When life Schauberger talks about what he was involved in the work on "diskoletami", for some reason was not. First wrote about this neo-fascist Canadian Ernst Zündel in the book "UFOs — secret German weapons?"
Zündel himself understood for what it is necessary to lie about the "German UFO." In 1998, he admitted in an interview with one of the famous sites of Nazi orientation (this article can be found on the Internet now, but we do not provide a link because it does not intend to promote the ideas of Nazism. — Ed.): "Books about UFOs were of great political importance, because they can be inserted and what can not be said otherwise. For example, the program of the National Socialist Party and Hitler held on analysis of the Jewish question … and it allowed me to make a lot of money! Money raised for the books on UFOs were invested in brochures "Auschwitz lie", "Lies about six million dead Jews" and "an honest look at the Third Reich."
February 15, 2007 a German court sentenced Zündel for promoting fascism to five years in prison.

Base in Antarctica

From the German "flying saucers" relates another story. As if their tests were conducted in Antarctica. And so on the sixth continent is untouched secret base of the Nazis.
Laid the basis for the legend Landig Wilhelm (1909 — 1997). During the war he rose to the rank Oberscharführer SS. Do not accept defeat, Landig continued to promote the Third Reich in science fiction novels.
In one of them, "Idols against Thule", published in 1971, the main characters — two pilots of the Luftwaffe, which at the end of the Second World War, was sent to a top-secret base "Paragraph 103" in Arctic Canada. Drivers traveling on the "V-7" — round vertical takeoff aircraft, a glass dome and turbocharged. Before pilots tasked to prevent "diskolet"
"V-7" and his drawings of the hands of Russian or American. Heroes Landiga cope with the assignment, but after many adventures yet captured by the British.
The idea to give narrated Landigom legend as reality came up again, Ernst Zundel. It seems that plagiarism did not seem too obvious, he suffered "colony" in Antarctica, linking it with the appearance of a German expedition in 1938, which inflicted on the map of the "New Swabia" (now the area is called the Queen Maud Land).
German Antarctic expedition actually took place in 1938 — 1939's. On a vessel captained by Alfred Ritscher, sailed to the South Pole 24 crew members and 33 of the polar explorer. The ship was equipped with a catapult for launching aircraft. But the purpose of the expedition was not testing the "flying saucers." Ritscher April 12, 1939 reported: "I have completed the mission. For the first time the German planes flying over Antarctica. Every 25 kilometers planes dropped pennants. We covered the area of about 600 square kilometers. Of these, 350,000 were photographed. "
It was only about to stake out a piece of Germany on the future of Antarctica, and not on the basis of a permanent base there. And why was a military base in Antarctica? Too far from the theater of operations. If we are in the "cold war" neither the USSR nor the U.S. militarized this continent, then Germany in the 40s and it did not have the strength.

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