Why would aliens land animal?

October 30, 2011 11:29

Several residents of the small town of Missoula, Montana in the U.S. in June 2011 witnessed a remarkable event — the flying reindeer in the sky! While they speculated how this could happen to the city remained without electricity.
Sheep graze on the roof is not!
Only a few hours later, people found out that these two phenomena are directly related to each other.
"Hanging on the electricity cables deer — this is the first time, — said the representative of the power company repair Michelle Sullivan. — We could not believe my eyes when I arrived at their breaking wires located at a height of several floors. "

According to the workers, all the time, until they were removed from the dead animal wires and repairing damage in the sky above them flew a huge bird of prey. Of which he was made a surprising conclusion that the deer was a victim of a bald eagle, which, attacking their prey in the forest, and lifted her into the sky and flew with it quite a distance.
But, apparently, the bird did not calculate the forces and dropped the deer. Poor animal fell right on the high voltage, resulting in the city was completely de-energized, and the deer was killed.
This is the official version of events. However, proceedings, it does not hold water. Start with the fact that the weight of a bald eagle reaches a maximum of 5.5 kilograms and has a wingspan — about 2 meters. Main feed birds — fish from the water, and sometimes in lean years — carrion. And the hungriest — small forest animals and, emphasize Ornithologists' newborn lambs and calves reindeer ", born in the summer. Grown-calf Eagle lift into the air is just not able to.
Now for the wing span. Witnesses claim that clearly distinguished in the sky flying deer's head, body, foot, but not one of them for some reason did not see two meters above him eagle's wings! And it does not see, you see, it is simply impossible!
From what we can do quite a natural conclusion that the bald eagle, which said electrical process by creating the damaged wire, circled over vyronennoy not prey, and on the potential scavengers, who immediately noticed the "its territory" eagle eye.
So with what then unknown force poor deer weighing a hundred pounds took off and flew a few miles before the wires fell off power lines?
Before answering this question, we turn to another incredible event, which took place a few weeks earlier in the UK.
Here, in a remote village in Pontycymer in South Wales, 38-year-old Claire Walters sat afternoon at home and watching TV when she heard strange noises coming from the roof. When she went out to see what was going on, I saw on the roof of bleating sheep!
After a call to the emergency services arrived on the scene, Fire Brigade, which helped the sheep down. Animal rescue operation lasted about 40 minutes.
Firefighters said that such an unusual operation they had the first time. "It was a very interesting challenge. Still roof — not a place where you expect to see a sheep, "- said one of the participants in an animal rescue firefighter. But as she got there — could not answer.
But British ufologists were quick to assume that the animal fell from a UFO! The version they have reinforced the fact that she in no way a sheep could not get on the roof and, in addition, it was … strange. No one in the village did not recognize her own!
"Cloud" has drained a cow.

The aliens are stealing animals? Is this possible?

Even as possible, say ufologists, and it happens almost every day. As evidence, they provide numerous photos and video, which clearly shows how the UFO abducted in front of stunned witnesses deer, sheep, horses, but most of the cows.
In particular, it is interesting to witness and provided the photos taken at the beginning of October 2009 a married couple, Laura and Sergio, who walked with the children along the river in Rosario (Argentina).
Suddenly, they saw in the sky a albescent object that looks like a cow, and managed to make some unique photos, which are then handed over a local TV reporter.
Here is what happened at the Laura: "We were going to drink mate (a traditional Argentine drink) with the kids and looked around, wondering where would be best to do it, when they saw in the sky flying something strange and white. It was very large. We have put on the camera lens, making the maximum increase, and realized that it is a cow! And over the miserable, terror-stricken animals hovering flying saucer like engulfing cow inside. Then they both disappeared … "
More "fresh" alien abduction cow footage recently posted on YouTube unnamed Japanese users, who shot around the city of Kobe in Hyogo prefecture on the camera mobile phone just did a fascinating story.
However, at this time, instead of plates in the sky could be seen a strange white cloud round with a hole in the middle, in which the poor animal and disappeared.
Ufologists claim that to steal animals (and not only, by the way, them) used the so-called aliens attracting rays.
Most researchers traditionalists have long regarded the technology as purely hypothetical, but recently, researchers from Hong Kong and mainland China said they had figured out the conditions under which such action is possible, and the light and in fact can draw objects.

"Misfire" UFO

But not always, apparently, this "light hook" works well. The confirmation of this is the "misfire" UFO in Montana and South Wales and not only there.
Thus, in December 2009 in a small town on the Norwegian coast Helsgoysud tourists with undisguised delight filmed sheep that hung, caught in the horns of a wire transmission line at a height of five meters above the ground.
Wriggling all over and Sutch hoofs, animal bleated plaintively and tried to escape, but, of course, he could not. Arriving on-call electrician, eventually freed the animal, and the tour, probably to quickly behind, said that there is nothing extraordinary here and the ram he jumped above the wires, but did not calculate the trajectory and the line caught on the horns!
Among other similar cases, it should be noted incident of October 26, 1996 in California, where a local resident Fays Swenson saw in his yard a little monkey's body. It fell from the sky on a rope with sushivshimsya linen. At the same clothesline pole thickness of about 10 cm was wriggle out of the ground. No one was able to explain where it came from a corpse "flying" monkey.
On the bank of the year in Japan Senzumara later appeared elephant carcass weight of 400 kg. Was found to reset it to any one of the sailing ships, and the animal did not belong to any of the Japanese zoos.
In late 2002, the Associated Press news agency released information that the employees in the Delaware Department of Wildlife found a dead deer in the woods (deer again!) Hanging on the branches of a tall tree!
Artiodactyls learned to climb trees? Nonsense, of course. And decided to write off the cruel joke geek, who immediately declared wanted. However, in early January 2003 in Canada, in the province of Manitoba, not far from its administrative center in Winnipeg, found another dead deer that hung now on the support lines.
Press began to find out: how such bulky animal was at an altitude of seven and a half meters? No maniac throw it in there could not. Journalists phoned the airline contacted the Ministry of Defence, veterinary clinics and zoos. The result — no one "hung" in the air space and the deer did not lose!

Alien surgeons

Now let us ask the following question. Why would aliens land animal that they do with them?
As follows from declassified FBI documents released in April 2011 on the site The Vault, unidentified flying objects in the 70 years of the last century in various parts of the south-western United States, where livestock production is a major source of income for the local population, were kidnapped and brutally killed about 8,000 units of cattle.
According to reports of the "federalist", the animals were raised on board flying objects, where they were "bullied" and then dumped into the tens of kilometers from the kidnapping. Of the bodies were removed with the internal organs. Most often found on the ground in the carcasses lacked languages and genitals removed "very professional with a sharp instrument."
"Do this, have a good organization, have unlimited financial and technical capabilities …" — said in one of the documents released by the FBI agent.
In 1979, making it difficult to explain what is happening, the Justice Department suggested that the kidnapping of the animals may have been part of a religious ritual or ceremony.
Since then has passed more than a dozen years, and the situation has changed little. In June 2010, in Argentina, near the city of Colonia Belgrano, known in these parts herder "Chito" Sirtori came across the bodies of two of his cows that have no tongues.
Not understanding what was going on, a herder called to the scene veterinarian Patricio Norman, hoping that he would explain to him what happened.
"It was surprising — the expert said after examining the bodies of the animals — how animal language was removed. The incision was made superostrym object similar to a surgical instrument. "
In April 2010, already in the UK farmers in Shropshire have been shocked by a series of attacks on sheep, which occurred around Shrewsbury.
According to them, they watched as some bright objects hovering in the sky first, and then in some special way, "enlightened" of animals and disappeared.
After that, the sheep were found dead. They were cut out eyes, brain and some internal organs. The nature of the cuts on the carcasses testified that the operation to remove the internal organs had not man. Judging by the remaining traces of the sheep, "conduct any experiments," to quote the words of witnesses The Sun.
"The technology developed by these attacks clearly not on our planet. What happened is more like a battle scene from "Star Wars," — said in connection with this case, the researcher Phil Hoyle. — Apparently, the animals were opened clinical-surgically, but with the tools used to indicate the development of high technology. "

The newcomers have made their choice

Hoyle was investigating the unusual deaths of animals in the UK for ten years. Moreover, it is one of the founders of Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) — organization that studies the causes and circumstances of the death of the animals.
According to the researcher, the UFO moved by unique "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys settlement in Wales. It is in this "corridor" with the length of 80 kilometers and find the dead sheep. Pet owners claim that the death of the sheep is always preceded unusual light phenomenon.
Experts agree that the aliens experimenting in different countries with pets seem to have a good knowledge of veterinary anatomy and dissection. Cutouts they do clean and, apparently, a laser tool. Skin is removed without damaging the surrounding tissue. The animals were removed from the head of the aliens brain, eyes, tongue, nose tissue. In some cases, there were no lower jaw, heart, liver, kidneys and reproductive organs and the anal canal.
General point of view as to why all this is done, the experts do not exist. Expressed the most polar opinions. One of them is the fact that surgical operations on animals should only strangers to having studied the examples of mammalian circulation and reproduction, to introduce into the human society as many deadly viruses, including — AIDS!
However, the researchers point out that in recent years the alien "surgery" performed their "operations" less and less, but the abductions "no return" is becoming more and more!
In New Mexico, for example, over the last year, several ranchers have lost up to a third of their herds of cattle!
"It always happens at night — quoted one of the farmers Weekly World Inquisitor. — And we are not able to detect thieves. But still used to be better. They experimented with one or two cows, but never returned them, though without some of the internal organs. It's annoying, but we could live with that. Now, these little green bastards steal dozens of animals and do not return! That they devour them, or what? "
That's right — exclaims William H. Carpenter, founder of (Carpenter Faith Foundation for Extraterrestrial Science).
"We have always believed that aliens abduct cows for research in reproductive functions, — he says. — But now, apparently, the experiments are over and it became clear that we were wrong. They tried the taste of animal flesh! And after all their abductions and experiments they seem to have made their choice! "

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