Winch LRZU — 12.5 Production ORMETO-YuUMZ shipped JSC Tulachermet

In late September 2011. there was a shipment of winches LRZU — 12.5 to JSC "Tulachermet." The winch is designed to lift parts and components of the boot device on the throat blast furnace installation and repairs. Load is raised or lowered using a winch mounting trolley system blocks and tackle. The winch is used in blast furnaces of metallurgical production.


JSC "ORMETO-YuUMZ" (Orsk, Orenburg region.) — A leading enterprise Metallurgical Engineering and leader in cargo intake and blending equipment in Russia.
The production base of the company includes the following main and auxiliary production: metallurgical, welding, mechanical assembly, production of rolls, tool production, the structure of the service quality.

Winch LRZU — 12.5 consists of a winch lifting capacity of 12.5 tons and wireline spooler.


The venue of the trial of the hoist will be of "Tulachermet."

ORMETO-YuUMZ is a traditional supplier of blast furnace equipment, which includes a range of — slag, skips, skip hoists, wire rope pulleys, valves charge, charging devices; balancers cones winch control cones, portable mixers, stationary; chugunovozy; cars driving iron notch; machines for opening the iron notch; BRZU (bezkonusnoe Rotary boot device); conveyors for loading blast furnaces, etc.

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