Witches Spell

December 20, 2011 23:48

Writing fast disappearing traditions and Sunday Island, in 1880 folklorist Walter Dennison Treill documented ritual, which was carried out potential witches to awaken their magical powers.

He described in detail the ritual in which witches were committed to the Dark. First, the witch had to wait for a full moon. At midnight, she had to come to a deserted beach, turn around three times widdershins and lie on the sand, exposing at low tide. Then it must extend hands and feet, put them next to the stones, and three stone on the head, the heart and chest.

Surrounded by these stones, it should say out loud:

«O 'Mester King o' a 'that's ill,
Come fill me wi 'the Warlock Skill,
An 'I shall serve wi' all me will.
Trow tak me gin I sinno!
Trow tak me gin I winno!
Trow tak me whin I cinno!
Come tak me noo, an tak me a ',
Tak lights an 'liver, pluck an' ga,
Tak me, tak me, noo I say,
Fae de how o 'da heed, tae da tip o' da tae.
Tak a 'dats oot an' in o 'me.
Tak hare an hide an a 'tae thee.
Tak hert, an harns, flesh, bleud an banes,
Tak a 'atween the seeven stanes,
I 'de name o' da muckle black Wallowa!

Oh, Lord King of all that is evil
Come, fill me with the power of magic
And I will serve with diligence
Trau take me, if sin!
Trau take me if I go!
Trau take me when I can not!
Come now and take my entire
Take lungs and liver, organs and feet
Take me, take me now, I say!
Of the eyebrows on the head-to-toe
Take everything on the outside and inside of me
Take the hair and skin, all of you!
Take heart and brain, flesh, blood and bones
Take all between the seven stones
In the name of the great dark Witch!

Some time after you cast must lie in silence. Then, open your eyes, turn on your left side, stand up and throw the stones used in the ritual of the water. Have to throw stones individually, saying some curse on each. "

As Orcadian scholar Hugh Marwick, I suspect that these elements of the ritual as a sand bar in the low tide, turn widdershins and position of stones — it's part of the original Orkney tradition.

Some lines sound neorganichno spells and not very suited to this spell. Marwick believed that some syllables were added later in the spell to highlight its "evil" nature. Marwick thought that the key to understanding the spell lies in the lines:

«Tak me noo, an tak me a ',
Tak lights an 'liver, pluck an' ga ',
Tak a 'dats oot an' in o 'me,
Tak hide an 'hair an a' tae thee,
I 'de nam o' de muckle black Wallowa! »

Take me now and take me all
Take lungs and liver, organs and feet
Take everything on the outside and inside of me
Take the hair and skin, all you
In the name of the great dark Witch!

The part where the oath is dedicated Trau, so the idea that it is a vocation dedicated to the forces of Satan, quite absurd. Calling Lord King according to Marwick — is the latest addition to the ancient spell that they were associated with the devil, which in the original version is not expected.

The last remaining question of who is a «muckle black Wallowa». Although the word «Wallowa» or «Wallaway» found in the Scottish dialect, and it relates to the Devil, but it is more likely that this is a Scandinavian term that "moved" in the Scots language in the version, which the author wrote.

In this case, we need not look any further staroskandininavskogo word "volva" which includes the prophetess or witch. It is possible that the Scots, if heard in his dialect pronounce it Orcadian, remembered him as a «Wallowa».

So, we can easily relate this spell with the old pagan elements of nature that can be found all over Orkney folklore — a spell that has nothing to do with Satan, and calls to the forces of the "great dark Witch."

© Sigurd Towrie

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