With Shulzhitsky conducted investigations and released

Investigative actions with a member of "Youth of BPF" Vladimir Shulzhitsky was conducted by the KGB in Maladzechna. At the apartment where he lived, was searched.

Vladimir Shulzhitsky more April 20 Smorgon questioned the prosecutor's office in the terrorist attack in Minsk. A day earlier in his apartment seized two air rifles and air pistols.

After the talk, the prosecutor began questioning the KGB. And also in the attack. But the Shulzhitsky says that he can not tell the details because given a written confidentiality agreement.

Shulzhitsky"They asked for my page on the Internet, were also on other aspects relating to the explosion in the subway, but for more I can not speak."

As for page on the Internet, even in the prosecutor Vladimir Shulzhitsky investigators explained the origin of the shots that are interested in consequence — to them he poses with weapons from the Second World War. These pictures Shulzhitsky made in a time when filming a movie.

Today he took out on investigations in Maladzechna, where he Lately works and lives.

Shulzhitsky"While I was there at the party raided the office, since I lived there, however, only three days. Seized books, CDs. I gave an explanation as to deprive me of weapons and laptop will conduct the examination, the rest I can not speak. "

Smorgon human rights activist Alexander Dergachov, surprised that Shulzhitsky questioned in the terrorist attack in Minsk, as has been repeatedly stated that the perpetrators were detained.

Dergachov"In principle, their motives are clear, although it is known that he is no relation to the explosion has not. And the fact that people put on the internet some images of their own and because of this, do check — seriously. However, this is a violation of his freedom to impart information. "


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