One of the most rapidly developing regions of the Russian Federation is the Tyumen region. This is justified by the fact that the area of the federal subject has large supplies of minerals, production and sale of which brings regional and all-Russian treasury significant profits. That's why the Tyumen region is very pretty for investors who are willing to invest in the development of business projects.

Now Tyumen there is quite a shortage of professionals in various fields related to the mining industry, the construction of roads, housing, industrial buildings. Here — on the website of (bulletin board) may be find catalog of vacancies that are available not only for the inhabitants of the Tyumen region, and for people who are moving to Tyumen from other regions of Russia and abroad.

Huge demand in the middle of the employers in Tyumen are seasoned with spices, which can work in the oil sector. One would think that with all the over-saturation of the market by lawyers and economists, is quite easy to find experts for cash accounting and legal issues. But in fact a real lawyer or economist Prof. find is not easy. That's why many employers promise a decent salaries to those who are willing to do with dedication to their assigned duties.

The region is lack of skilled workers. Now this leads to the fact that many industrial associations working people with more than 40 years of experience. The increase in the average age of workers in factories says that the youth has not yet committed connect their lives with physical labor, and trying to find its niche in a place where you can not quite work, but many receive. In this regard, starting even in Siberia observed severe bias in favor of the use of labor migrants from the former Russian republics. At a construction site working migrants from Tajikistan, tailoring and shoe odezhki engaged Kyrgyz migrant workers. Find Local residents in the middle of working on the road or street cleaners now very difficult.

If you save such a situation the labor market will be saturated with unskilled workers personnel, many of whom do not pay a dime in taxes to the regional budget. This could trigger a reduction in the properties of many types of jobs and lead to social impermanence.

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