Working with nature spirits

January 19, 2012 6:58

From the point of view of science, all matter in nature may be in the four basic states: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. In esoteric traditions usually regarded nature as a set of basic four elements, or the four elements — earth, water, fire and air. There are many interpretations and descriptions of these elements, but the mystical teachings of one thing in common — each element has a unique mind and manifests itself through the elementals — spirits of earth, water, fire and air.

All the elements are in constant interaction and can not exist separately — they either complement, or cancel each other. For example, water conflicts and extinguishes the fire, but nourishes the earth and enriches the air humidity.

What is behind the understanding of the elements of nature? First of all — it's quality and features available to them. With the understanding of the properties of matter in nature is clear: the earth is static, dry and cool the structure and the water — passive, fluid and cold, fire — hot, dry and active; air inherent mobility, lightness, moisture and heat. But the spiritual understanding of the quality of primary elements are easy to interpret the concepts of man's inner world, his temperament, mentality and psychology.

If the structure of the human elements of the earth prevails — it is reliable, stable, practical and somewhat passive. His thinking is based on logic and a pragmatic analysis. By temperament — melancholic.

Man water — intuit with high ability of abstract thinking and phlegmatic temperament. It is quite soft and receptive, but hides the depth and emotion.

The perception of the type of fire is built on ethics, conceptual and dalnovidenii. Bright, brash and ideological aspirations choleric.

Excess air element makes one sociable, light and variable. Perception of the world is built on the sensors, and this sanguine good at living "here and now".
For what purpose the person has an interest in working with the spirits of nature? The answer is simple — to create a harmonious relationship with nature, learn to balance your emotions, inner qualities and character traits, and the most important thing — to get the opportunity to create new forms, properties and content. Another common motive is the desire to control the elements for their own benefit and satisfaction of the "ego".

Leave the choice of the goal for a specific person, and will not discuss in this thread.

It is important to understand the context in which we talk about the spirits of nature, or are going to work with them. Do we mean the spiritualization Elements of nature, or want to get in touch with the spirit of a particular object with evolutionary consciousness. Personifying the elements, we must understand that the elementals — impersonal entities that comprise the characteristics and quality of relevant elements. In mysticism, the most used names — Gnomes, Ondine, sylphs and salamanders (Silvana). For a better understanding of their essence can be made allegory with ants — ant has a basic collective mind, and each ant individually — building block in this organism. Elementary intelligence is the ability to keep the signs, characteristics and type of habitual reactions.

Spirits of a specific object (the spirit of rock, mountain, tree, or a forest, the spirit of the lake, clouds, etc.) — this is a fact, then the individual evolutionary consciousness. This term refers not only to the elementary intelligence, but also the ability of any object evolve, adapt and change their responses in line nature of exposure. Simply put — develop and improve their basic intelligence.
Man, as the quintessence of the creations of the phenomenal world, can work with the elements and the spirits of nature. There are many forms of work — the mystical rites and magic rituals, prayers and incantations. But the meaning and content of one of these forms — consciously constructed contact. This contact can be built as a result of a deep trance, psychedelic practices (sleep deprivation, taking hallucinogens) or by guided meditation.

The principle of construction is to contact that person changes his mind, adjusting it for the quality and performance required of the spirit. Knowing the quality of the corresponding elementals or spirit, a person consciously experiencing, or even get used to these properties, adjust your vibration sensation in response to the mind of the spirit, and is able to intuitively communicate with him. As a result, the correct and long practice to develop skills quickly and easily get in touch with the spirits of nature, communication with them is becoming more objective, it is possible to almost literal communication.

An overview of these practices and classification of natural entities will move to another topic. Appropriateness of its light will be visible on your needs and feedback, dear readers.

Dmitry Kovalev


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