World of people: black, white, gray

You probably do not just meet people, too categorical in their assessments, we are talking about them generally: he divided the world into black and white. By this we mean that it is actually in a world of many colors. But is it really a lot of them, really?

Look to Me

Everything in the world is in balance, because everything is between the extreme poles — north and south, winter and summer, day and night, love and hate … Polarizing, and boiling broth that energy, in which all lives, from which everything originates. If you call the opposite poles conventionally "white" and "black", the people will be divided into those who are closer to one of the extremes.

The "white" and "black" people are completely different outlook on life, different grid and different attitude, but that does not mean that they can not interact. On the contrary, their encounter leads to harmony — to the very middle of the gold that flows out of the struggle of opposites. Pole guarantee struggle of opinions, ideas, beliefs.

If people are "one color", say, "black", remove, the planet will turn into something like a paradise. But — not for long. Then humanity will begin to degrade. Because without a fight, boiling, burning begins hibernation.

Scientists estimate that about 6% of people are born with black — negative — tendencies. And about the same number of souls — "white." And the other 88% are of mixed black and white content. Roughly speaking, they are average. Their intelligence, moral model, behavior, values are far from perfect, but the villains they are definitely not. How would say Voland, "People are just people …"

Upset? Enough white, you say … Who are they — these "white"? Smart, quiet, contemplative, lazy (or if mildly — not very active), living in harmony with nature, able to appreciate the beauty and charge it with energy. They live in their own world, in an ivory tower, preferring quiet solitude communicate with gray and black. They do not need to assert themselves and to prove something to the world, they do not like alarms, coercion and pressure. They are good, because few things in the world can bring them out of balance. More often than not, their outlook on the benevolent condescension. Ambitious targets "white" do not make, and therefore do not reach the heights of the special.

Black clouds

With the "black" is the opposite: they are constantly worried something, an inner voice keeps telling them that we should go forward to actively influence others. They crave power and glory, and reaching your goals, settle down for a short time: there is more inner discomfort and … to strive for something again.

Peace of mind to them unknown, and all because of the "black" are not able to draw life energy from nature. It is for these strange and cold. They need to constantly fueled energy of the people — they are energy vampires. And always his "donors" excite — as children Ted stick nest. "Black" forced others to "burn" and release energy. Sometimes themselves bonfires passions press on others, making dance to their tune, causing resistance … and get what they want-invigorating "dish" of other people's emotions. Here all human passions are suitable: vanity, sore ego, admiration, fear, rage, anger, envy, from all of this "black" are able to produce "food."

Engorged from donors, they briefly take on a sense of happiness and inner strength. That is the state of triumph, victory, power over people — their main goal.

Of course, "black" is except malosimpatichnyh and enviable qualities: the ability to concentrate on a task, self-discipline, a clear sense of purpose, the ability to quickly mobilize its resources, professional efficiency. Fashionable nowadays the term "effective manager" — it's almost about our "black." And then comes the time in Russia — this is their time. Even the major drawbacks: ambition, excessive pride, lust for wealth and blinding vanity, society now is not condemned, but rather welcome. But the trump card of "white": calm, logic, balance, ability to step back from the fight — turn into atavism. In what was of little use in the race for success. Contemplation, a tendency to introspection, disdain for material success today are perhaps the main obstacle on the way to self-realization. The phrase, "If you're so smart, why are so poor?" — Most often refers specifically to the "white".

Yes, the "white" also has drawbacks: the unwillingness to sacrifice personal peace, the desire keep their feelings and do not take to heart the strangers … Thus, the ideal person to be found somewhere between the border — the "black" and "white"? Apparently, it is necessary to mix two colors, and we get a good person?

No ideal!

Well, actually, in nature there is nothing strictly good or bad: it is a relative concept, scale, made-up people. Natural man, that is, one who lives in harmony with the laws of the world (the so-called cradle of civilization), most likely, will not we have defined as white and fluffy, but "black" we do not call. That is, we use these estimates to a person's social, not living in the lap of nature, to assimilate other laws. And the social person, alas, thinks more about the pleasures, career, money, than about the problems of preservation of the surrounding beauty of his tribe … He tends to take a higher position in society, he thinks of the good — yes, more than the welfare of others. So, and here it is necessary to seek a reasonable compromise — that is the very average performance, "gray."

They live according to the principle and of itself does not hurt, and others do not do evil. In all cases, Gray thinks not only of their own benefit, but also the benefits of the other side, and not only think, but also distributes in accordance with this principle, the material and other benefits: energy, money, things, love, attention … Paradox, but the more a man of the "gray", the more he gives to others. That is a reasonable concern for the welfare of another person — it is not the prerogative of the "white" and "gray". And the best of the "gray" live very well, they have a lot of sympathy for other living creatures. They are characterized by genuine altruism: it is when a person donates something neighbor without feeling like a hero, without consciousness of the victim. The "gray" does good, as a rule, not caring about the consequences, and gratitude. "Black", which can also sometimes do good work, will be thinking about what kind of a benefit promises him his conduct. But the "white", do something generous, not so bezoglyaden as "gray" brother: he would have thought long and weigh up to suffer from what he has to break the usual course of life out of balance, do something unusual … And help your neighbor, he shall not by compassion, but on the understanding — as it should. The "gray" does not reason, it is natural to help a drowning or starving. Ironically, these friends are always "gray." They are not perfect — no. But with them warm and safe. With the "black" is — like a volcano. And with the "white" — cold and lonely …

Margatira Manoskina

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