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January 4, 2012 22:22

Thread Pocono ancient spiritual traditions of the North. Has knowledge of the Magi Bore-Ar (ancient Arctis-Hyperborea), which includes ladozhenie, healing, combat skills, "Veles Ratanov" subtleties of relations between man and woman, the mystery of conception and birth, the mystery of cooking zvezdomudrie, spiritual and emotional singing, ceremonies, etc.

AGE Velez

Everyone knows that now the world every year more and more into its own Age of Aquarius or in the Slavic tradition — Dawn of Veles. According to the priestly knowledge during the reign of God in all times of Veles is characterized as a renaissance of Vedic philosophy and the establishment of Generic apparatus (Pocono / native) in the Slavic community.

For the planet as a whole will be referred Epoch Epoch is building Collective Intelligence, in which the leading role will be played by Russia and her sister Slavic power and dominance of the Age of Social Contract and Consent of the violence.

It should be added that the era of Veles — this is the era of the people, a time of prosperity of Witchcraft (from the ancient dialect word "Veda" is translated into modern English as "to penetrate into the depths of Being Single", with "Veda" — is not only to know, but yet at the same time and use, and to help people to become ignorant knows!)

In addition, in this period there is an alignment masculinity and femininity in relation to each other and to a period of harmony between these two principles underlying the universe settlement.

Since everything is new — is well forgotten old, in this article we attempt to briefly introduce the interested reader to the intimate knowledge of God Veles, gleaned from interviews with the keepers of the ancient knowledge — the wise men of ancient Slavic traditions "Thread Pocono."


In the night … Vles goes into Svarga for milk of heaven, and goes to his palace, and at the dawn comes to the Gate. There waiting for us all to sing and praise Vles from everlasting to everlasting, and the temple of the one that shines lights many do Lamb clean.

Vles because our fathers taught plow and sow and reap cereals, sheaves of coiling, the busy in the fields, and put a sheaf Ohnište and honor him as the Divine Father.

Our fathers and mothers, with the glory which we have been taught about the gods and drove a highway for our rules. So come along and let us be freeloaders, but nice Russ, who sing the glory of the gods, and so they are Slavs because …
Book of Veles, a board 8 (2)

Despite the fact that scientists have discovered a lot of archaeological evidence and the chronicles of a wide worship of Veles in Russia, however, not in the research or in the environment Rodnoverie still no clear understanding of who is really is Veles (Volos) .

To understand the place and role of Veles in the life of Russian people turn to the knowledge of the Magi "Threads of Pocono," which in the tradition of collectively called the "West."

So, according to West, Velez in Svarga-right part of the Great Triglav: Svarog, Perun, Veles, where a simplified analogy with the Christian Trinity: Svarog — is the Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Universe; Perun — the Son of God: and Velez — the Holy Spirit. In Russia, it has been known since antiquity, but later in the lands of the Western Slavs-Pomorie was replaced in the Grand Triglav Veles on Sventovita (Svyatovida), as reflected in the published Book of Veles. Despite this, however, according to West, is more correct aforesaid Great Triglav: Svarog, Perun, Veles.

Velez also the Son of material hypostasis Svarog — Rod World of Creative Reveal. Because Veles (Volos) in contrast to other Slavic gods never goes to bed, staying in each moment in a variety of natural objects, and always ready to respond to the call of the Slav in trouble and help him.

Manifestations-Velez faces are in the World Reveal — Bear, Raven Hair and Tours. Veles — The owner of forests, because he and the Bear (real name king of the forest sounds in a different way, because it is the essence of the sacred).

It is noteworthy that Velez is Czernebog, as some try to claim. Yes, Velez has ways of the world, Navi, but we must not forget that he, unlike Chernobog also owns Ways world law and reality. Velez is the guardian of those paths.

In addition, the spouses of Veles in these worlds are all respected in the Slavic lands of the Goddess: Right — Makos (symbol Pine-tree), the Reveal — Alive (symbol birch-tree) in Navi — Madder (symbol Rowan-tree).

According to West, Velez is the custodian and the embodiment of the Russian spirit — Spirit of Slavic Births, so often mentioned in ancient tales. And that is a prerequisite for the manifestation of the Russian spirit? As the wise men say — open heart filled with love for all life on Earth and in the universe. This is what distinguishes Russia from other countries, for Russia — the land of people with open hearts, people power heart, soul (which is the very essence of all the mentioned "mysterious Russian soul"). Attempts to translate our compatriots in the bare-robotic pragmatism rationalism or uncontrolled animal-like state leads to the extinction of the Russian people, that we are witnessing today, for our Earth can not stand people with closed hearts. Keepers knowledge Vélez argued that if, God forbid, the last Russian disappear with an open heart, not only Russia will be the end, but the entire world.

That's why representatives of the tradition of welcoming others, putting his right hand to his chest, where the heart is. Translate this action can be like: "I welcome you, my dear, my heart is open to dialogue with you and I do not have any bad intentions towards you!"

But continue the story of Veles. Velez is hair. And the hair, if you change the syllables in some places — the Word. The word comes from the name of Novgorod — Slovenia, for they were men of words, holding the secret word and speak the language of the gods.

Velez is the keeper of the secret knowledge of the Slavic, and the lord of the Moon. In addition, he favors husbandry, animal husbandry, trade, crafts and art.

For knowledge of Veles characteristic versatility, that is, the regulation of all aspects of the life of the Slavs, including healing, art, bath, combat skills (including women), the subtleties of the relationship between man and woman, the mystery of the conception and birth of children of the gods, the mystery of cooking, spiritual and emotional singing, dancing, dances, rituals, zvezdomudrie, runes, labor relations in the community, etc.

It should be noted that in Russia the servant and guardian of the knowledge of God Veles always has its own name — the magician who does not have the right to wear the priest of another Slavic God. Among the wise men from time immemorial there is a special category dedicated — Bojana reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of the modern world in his songs and poetry, as well as narrating the events of yore. Many famous dupe before the Russian land. Among them were prophetic Bojana mentioned in the "Lay" — Magi favorites of Veles.

Since the continuity of knowledge transfer threads Pocono has not been broken, it has brought all the intricacies to the beauty and originality of Vedic rites Russia. Volkhov rites Veles traditions associated with specific dates of solar and lunar cycles. During the ceremony by singing and dance of spiritual-kolohoda, which lead men and women together, or separately, to create a place of power for a long time.

Magi store astrological knowledge of the influence of the sun, the moon, the planets closest to the Earth and the constellations on people and nature. States that the annual solar cycle influences more on the man, and the moon — the woman. However, for greater accuracy in forecasting development of all processes (including the fate of a person) are taken into account and the solar and lunar cycles, as well as other parameters.

In many ways, knowledge Threads Pocono akin Avestan astrology, for the latter, as the West, was brought to Persia Slavic priest by the name of the Son of the Morning Star (Greek Zoroaster) from the South Urals.

HISTORY "threads Pocono"

The birth of ancient Slavic traditions "Thread Pocono" hidden in the depths of the past millennia. Because tradition tells stories about the most important events of antiquity: the handmade mainland North Bor-Ar, where they lived in the past, our ancestors mnogomudrye, the military confrontation of the Magi-magic-Aryans with the priests, the technocrats of Atlantis, about the campaign of Zoroaster in Persia, about Jesus Christ, and much other.

Title traditions means the following. Thread — symbolizes time and Treads of Destiny Rock, which spins a goddess Makos — one of the Protecting tradition (along, incidentally, with the goddesses Living, Marin, Lada and Cherish). The word "Pocono" has a common root with the word "from ancient," which means "beginning." To be precise, the Pocono — is an ancient dialect "According to + + He." By — means "in line" to — "direction", he — "Creator of the Universe." Con — it is also a place where the laws of the Government. Thus Pocono — is something that is always checked against the motion, and the Living Universe always indicate an accurate and fast way to achieve peace Slav rule, where the creator of the universe.

In the last millennium Pocono thread was tied to the territorial Slovenian land of his dominion Novgorod Veche. Threads Pocono Magi to the adoption of Christianity by Prince Vladimir in 988 AD were in Novgorod, Valdai, Valaam island, etc.

After the baptism of Rus one part of the Magi went to the forest monasteries, while others — became Christian priests and monks.

To date, many details of the legends threads Pocono somehow resonate with the traditions of Russian northern promulgated tradition (Doctrine Closed Cross — detail in the book: Hyperborean faith Rusov. M.FAIR-PRESS.2003).

Currently, due to the advent of the Magi Veles Threads Pocono again came out of the shadows and actively transfer their knowledge of the current generation of the Slavs. Tradition holds weekly classes at St. Petersburg, but also retreats in the northern suburbs of the capital and on the island of Valaam in Lake Ladoga.

Pocono KIND

Part of the message that was in charge of the extension of Rod and social organization known as the Pocono Rod. According to the latter, a Slav who knew his fate Rock (past, present and future incarnations of your Soul) and living in accordance with the Pocono is a goy, failing which he — an outcast.

Man-goy in the tradition can become the embodiment of one of the faces of Veles: Bear — the owner of the forest (Fire), Raven (air element), Volos (Water) or Tour (Earth element). Higher levels of men determined Volkhov dedications.

The woman in the tradition-goy can embody face Mokos — Snake (Water), which is manifested all female essence. In this case, a woman must obey her husband is her Sun in life. The latter fact is clearly manifested in such actions, as daily combing interior decoration in marriage on the evening to dawn with its initiation to the Gods and the exchange of energy between the spouses.

Only then can a woman become a trot — the owner of the forest, as well as Beregin and Princess, the equal of her husband. At this stage of a woman can be a priestess, and, in addition, even the head of Roda.

Hoy usually required to start a family and to extend their family, giving birth to and raise children. For the birth of a healthy, bright and wise children men and women can use knowledge of the tradition of "The thread Pocono" similar knowledge of Indian Tantric and Taoist practices love.

Slavs at all times brought up from childhood to diversify so that you have the skills for all occasions!

With the help of well-known to one and all games in the children disclosed and otherwise develop agility, commitment, confidence, strength of spirit and wit. Subsequently, at a certain age the boy and the girl get the keys — how to use their experience in difficult situations. For example, the guys explain how to properly use a knife and an ax, not only on the farm, but also the defense of themselves and their families, young girls — how to care for their babies (after skills in the game, "Mothers and Daughters"), etc.

Pocono Rod says that among the Slavic gentiles there are four classes: the magicians, warriors, and knowest Rath.
The wise men (Aria) — god Veles class ministers — priests of the Sun and the Moon, designed to keep Native Vesta, and passing it on to each Slavic leave space age. In this case, the wise men have to give people the knowledge, given the changes that have come with the Slavs and nature since the last transfer of knowledge (news). Being a native of the inner fire-AR magicians called shoot covers truth with Krivda, thereby exposing her to the people, and are designed to support the balance of power in the World Reveal. In the current era magicians tend to marry, because the way of the Spirit through the performance of public duties is expensive spiritual, mental and physical strength, and therefore help wife Bereguinyas usually priestesses, a must!

Volkhov knowledge "Threads Pocono" passed for centuries in Russia orally — by direct transfer, ie from the heart to the heart of the student teachers. Magician can become only the Slav who worthily passed all tests, lessons and actually showed the powerful force of his spirit, the purity of the soul, and strength of the body.

Magi also sharing their knowledge with carved runic characters on the plates, which are not only a source of information such as the source of transmission Volkhov Spirit. These plank Spirit Magi-cutter "attached" in time, and it can directly transfer Vesta read even after centuries Slav. Because intrinsic value Volkhov primary sources of knowledge, not the cast in the form of printed books today, as we have seen in the case of the returned book Slavic Veles (Slatin N. Vleskniga, Russian language and Russian history. Omsk. 2000).

Warriors — class heroes (boyars) and heroes, designed to defend Rod hardworking peaceful Slavs from external and internal threats. Vityaz is a Slav, the last military training from 1 month to 1 year under the direction of the Magi. In preparation for the future knight goes through a series of initiations.

Hero in Russia, called the hero, which is the carrier of the Catholic Spirit of Russia, which is blessed for this feat Council of the Magi (like Ilya Muromets) to reflect a great danger hanging over the Slavs.

In the current era of heroes seek to marry, because the way of the sword through the execution of public duties is expensive spiritual, mental and physical strength, and the help of his wife, because Bereguinyas a must!

Vesey — class of artisans and merchants who engage in labor Originally designed unrelated to agriculture — creativity, crafts and trade. Otherwise, they have the same problem as that of Rath. They also like Ratan are warriors in the national militia in case of invasion of foreigners.

Rata (oratai) — class farmers, intended to deal with Rod agricultural labor. Their objectives are — to grow a rich harvest of grain, start a family and continue the race. In the event of an enemy attack rata pre-trained before 7 to 30 days at the outpost at vigilantes recruited military army, which is engaged in reflection enemy.

The Slavs no tight binding to its estate like the caste system in Indian society, as in one life a man can, if true, a certain share of courage, perseverance and hard work, to move from one class to an adjacent or opposite to slide down into the case Pocono violations Rod.

Slavic settlement in all of the most important things to decide Veche — go man — the head of the priests and their family of all classes, be sure to have children. From the ranks of heroes (boyars) in the Chamber elected prince, called on the people to ensure the defense of the Slavic settlements and deliver justice (do Law).


In the storeroom of knowledge Threads Pocono stores, in modern language, special of exercises — a sound with which a fairly quick time a person managed to build his body, to make it strong, flexible, and beautiful. There are various health.

Have a morning exercise program — a sound alive, which is done every day in order to fill human elemental forces of Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

There is a complex exercise osteoarticular Yves-live-oaks which can cultivate their own internal Tree Spirit in the three worlds — Reveal, Navi and the Government. As a result of systematic exercises man becomes like a stretched thread between the Sun and the Earth, returning to the original state of tranquility, power and grace.

Above all, there are also special health to Ratnikov Knights and Magi. And besides — for the beautiful half of humanity in order to prepare the female body, soul and spirit for childbirth.

LADOZHENIE and herbs

Healing Arts in the tradition called Ladozheniem (from the word "Getting along", ie build). There is a military ladozhenie when warriors ruled each other after a fight or training, setting bones and joints in place.
In civilian life is ruled by clan members each other's body, including in the bath — in the steam room. In the latter case, use twigs of birch and oak and juniper, and nettle.

In the tradition of widely used Herbal Medicine. Collection and preparation of herbs, roots and bark of trees is a well-defined days of the year with the lunar cycle.


It is known that food should be as medicine and medicine as food! Magi traditions claim that Slav-mistress houses from ancient times to this day unaware how to prepare food for the whole family, for this is the knowledge of hidden strength and health of Roda. It turns out that the same product can cook different foods: for men, children and women! It all depends on what kind of mental and sensual image puts a woman in the food during its preparation. For example, with the force of a fist going through cereal for porridge, wife creates food for her husband, that he was strong and strong spirit, mind and body, etc.

Combat Expertise squads Velez

Magi Threads Pocono keep many secrets of ancient ratoborstva Druzhina Veles, which is the guardian of the interior of Russia. Warriors and Knights Druzhina own martial arts skills (actions with weapons and without the application of punches, kicks, etc.), which is called "Veles Ratanov" and includes "Veles sechu" and "Veles Borotba."

Here he writes about the Veles Ratanov Andrew Mitrofanskaya in a published article (Mitrofanskaya A. Military Art Guardians Velez / / Journal "Vedic culture." March 2006. № 9.)

"… Veles RATAN — Old Slavic system of training squads Ratnikov Veles. Velez squad has always been small in number, and at all times stacked amazing legends of the exploits and bravery of its Ratnikov.

The system of training soldiers used a little-known and unique technique that allows using all the skills warriors confront a small number of the many gate of. These techniques included such skills as building walls warriors, the skills of movement at night in the woods and swamps hitch. Ability to resist in the melee several opponents with lightning speed reincarnating in the faces of Veles, manifested in this world: Bear, Raven Tours and Volos. All this taken together allow the Watch Vélez emerging victorious from seemingly hopeless battle, defending the honor and preserve the culture, the purity and independence of his people. That Sentinel Velez bore the main burden of protecting temples and sanctuaries.

To this day, these Magi kept secret training methods and unique ways to prepare warriors. Techniques are primarily aimed at the disclosure Masculine Spirit — the Spirit of a Warrior in men. Spirit Warrior belongs to men by birth, as a defender Rod, just once the road to it was closed.
Veles Ratanov a tradition transmitted from heart to heart, faithfully stored guards … "

We can add that the Slavic soldiers in the squad of Veles are two stages of formation of his Spirit. The first stage — the blind (Feral) Rage — Warriors level implies disclosure of the Earl (bitter hearts) in order to destroy any obstacles in their way, be it an enemy or some other misfortune. The second stage — a noble rage — Knight level implies subordination its fury cold reason (Chela).

Besides the soldiers have the skills Druzhina Veles Veles Borotba — ritual combat, they show the Slavic holidays — Yarily, Kupala, Diva-Mother Kolyada etc.

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