Yetirmishli: Azerbaijan crack stretching from Salyan to Hajigabul formed not on the strength of earthquakes

Yetirmishli: Azerbaijan crack stretching from Salyan to Hajigabul formed not on the strength of earthquakesAccording Gurban Yetirmishli in Azerbaijan will set new seismic station.

"In order to understand the relationship with the crack to earthquakes in the area from Salyan to Hajigabul produce seismic survey."

On this, as the, the director of the Center of Seismological Service of ANAS Gurban Yetirmishli in an interview with APA. He said that a strong earthquake could lead to the formation of cracks. However, in the territory of such a force was not an earthquake, "Earthquakes in Shirvan nobody felt. The fact that this crack occurred not on the strength of an earthquake. To clarify this issue there is seismic survey, should know the direction and depth of the crack. Where it is going, as is, perhaps, at this point there is movement units can be trapped there land? When a strong earthquake, it split the asphalt, destroying roads. At this point, tremors were weak. They are everywhere. "

G.Etirmishli said that he did not give information about the earthquakes of small force: "In Soviet times it was decided that the information given in connection with an earthquake measuring above 4 points. A European Seismological Society, whose members we are, decided to give information about all the earthquakes with a magnitude of 3 or more. And we are forced to give information even imperceptible tremors. "

According to him, in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea will initially be equipped with 3 underwater seismic stations.

In this regard, the American company «Kinemetrics» already contracted. Advance payment made, has already started assembling the station. In late November and early December, these devices will be ready. "

Yetirmishli said that thanks to the oil and gas reserves of the Caspian Sea is of strategic importance: "The stations will be installed at the bottom of the sea, the transmitters on the same platform. Seismic stations will be installed at the fields "Umid", "Shah Deniz" and "Guneshli". When the bottom of the Caspian Sea has seismic, we can properly assess the seismicity of the Caspian. By oil and gas structures are earthquake sources have the potential force. Danger to the Absheron — this earthquake source in the Caspian Sea. These stations are important for determining the parameters of earthquake, their potential power.

At the bottom of the Caspian Sea is a large number of communication lines. Not knowing the seismicity of the Caspian Sea, these lines may be harmed, from both an environmental and an economic point of view. When posting lines platform must be defined seismic binding. In general, it is expected that in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea, from the Iranian border to the border with Russia, will be installed 10 submarine seismic stations. In my opinion, this will be enough. "
Sayyad Azizov

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