Zadornov of the movie King

It's boring to sit without playing. Therefore, I propose another play with. I think the game should zateivat to current events. In movie theaters is "The King" — the most talented historical falsehood recently. I saw this movie at a film festival. When one episode 1.5 minutes showed the dirty feet of the king, I gave up and said, "The film should be called" Dirty Ivan. " [Cut] I understand that the film is an art director and has a right to their own vision. But I too have a right to express their opinion. Fiction and mistakes — they are different things. Here for example: the crowd in the square baptized three fingers. While the two were baptized! It would be nice to know this director. Or at gladiatoropodobnoy arena, Russian enclosed with a fence, a huge wild bear breaks in front of an enthusiastic crowd of several boyars. Vulgar splint! There could be a penalty in Russia bear. The bear was a sacred animal. He was even afraid to call the "bear." Called the "host" or "edges". And then very gently — "Bruin." And in the first frame of the film indicated duration — 7773 year from the Creation. In the hall of the audience immediately went to whisper: "This is the Biblical calendar!" We must admit that I was watching the premiere, not in a simple room, and in the House of Cinema, where the public is educated. Is even our cinematic elite does not know what the Biblical calendar, even now far from the seven thousandth year. Directed rights — while in Russia still did not know the Roman calendar. They lived on the calendar … Slavic! This family, for our ancestors calendar later "executed" Peter the Great. He replaced it with a Roman in 1700. The native calendar year 7208 then moved. That is, the authors of the "King" made a mistake more than 500 years. Apparently they made a movie about this soon. But that's what is most offensive. Loungine — famous director. To him the trust of the audience. Most of them, seeing the picture, decide that in fact it was. Can not after a brilliant director to lie. So this is our Russian people since ancient times: a dirty, ugly, half-drunk — the foolish crowd. I could have a lot more sarcastic jokes to let go, but it makes no sense. It is better to play, not sarcastic. I suggest a game with three jobs for each job on the prize. Assignments: 1. Watch the movie Paul Lungina "King" and find errors in it. The one who finds 10 errors — a prize to anyone who finds more than 10 errors — 2 prizes 2. Answer the question: what good did Ivan the Terrible? 3. To answer the question: how many wives was Ivan the Terrible, one of them, he loved the most, and what happened to her? ANSWERS TO SEND EL. MAIL: ZADORNOV.PIAR @ YANDEX.RU First place — 10 000 rubles, second place — 7000 rubles; Third place — 5000 rubles.

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