Zemeletryasenie in the Amur region caused panic in the neighboring region

Hundreds of experts now examine areas of the Amur region, where today about 5:00 pm local time an earthquake occurred. Power aftershocks, according to various sources, ranged from 6 to 6.5 magnitude.
Russian geophysicists estimate this earthquake as strong. Its center was in the town of Skovorodino, where about 10,000 people. There, one of the walls collapsed boiler. No one is hurt. In addition, groundwater impacts were felt in the area of the railway station of BAM. It broke down two substations, damaged several support contact network. As a result, an hour train traffic was stopped at one of the sites.

Also stopped pumping oil to China through the pipeline "Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean".

Tremors were felt in neighboring regions of the Amur region. Thus, according to the agency Zabinfo, residents of other cities of Chita and Transbaikal experienced intense tremors. Many have seen that at this point in the buildings were moving subjects. Later in the afternoon at Chita panic began to spread rumors about the repeated earthquakes. Almost all of the ATM cash withdrawals. EMERCOM Russia's Transbaikalian area encourages people to remain calm.

In the region of the Republic of Buryatia Kabansky magnitude earthquake was 5.6. Casualties and destruction here, as in the Transbaikal, no.

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