Zmitser Dashkevich: witness statements were false

Political prisoner Dashkevich appealed to the Prosecutor General with the requirement to bring the witnesses for the prosecution to liability for false testimony.

They testified in court against Dmitry Dashkevich thEduard Lobau.

Dashkievich draws attention prosecutors that the testimony of witnesses Malyshev and Savitsky were false and untrue, the press service of the "Young Front".

Dashkevich is confident that all those who falsely testified against him and Eduard Lobau — those "alleged victims", who testified in the next room — in the future will necessarily be justly punished.

The leader of the "Young Front" emphasizes that none of the charges against him windscreen and charges are not true.

"Everybody knows that I'm doing and head for a long time in politics, and attack someone the day before the election," the Reichstag fire ", we would be very disadvantageous," — says Dashkievich.

Sawicki and Malyshev — so-called "Affected" — in the courtroom and have not appeared. They answered questions from behind the wall.

Dec. 18 2010, the day before a street protest in Minsk, Young people were charged with disorderly conduct — they allegedly beat Malyshev and Savitsky.

Malady said that a criminal case instigated by the authorities. As a result, received a two-year Dashkievich colony, Front — four in the maximum security prison.

Defense requested to fully justify the accused because of the Young nedakazanastsi guilt.



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