Zombies crawling out of the ground and witches

November 26, 2011 11:52

This autumn has brought to all lovers of the mysterious and mystical just two amazing discoveries. First in Ireland were discovered medieval skeletons with large stones in the mouth. Probably contemporaries did it with their victims, because they were afraid that the dead rise from their graves!

The finds were made during excavations in Kilteshine, near Lough Key. Total archaeologists found a total of 137 skeletons. However, experts believe that in ancient tombs is still less than three thousand people have died from 700 to 1400.

Men with stones in his mouth presumably died in VIII century. One was 40-60 years, the second — 20-30. In the grave they lay side by side. The stones were about the size of a baseball. One of the dead was driven cobblestone pretty rough, so that the jaw was almost moved.

Scientists, baffled strange burial, first remember that the custom push stones in his mouth was common in the late Middle Ages — during the terrible plague that claimed millions of lives.

And in those years, so really do to people who believe vampires. Like, they were the perpetrators of the deadly epidemic. However, in European folklore vampires appear only in the XVI century, so the hypothesis was rejected.

Digging in the archives, the experts concluded that it was revenants, that is "walking dead", or, in more modern terms, a zombie!

Probably, the two deceased in life were ordinary people, but died suddenly and suspiciously because of the strange diseases with no less strange symptoms. And so they did not return to the living world to settle old scores, and beat them in the mouth with black stones.

In ancient times, the mouth often seen as the main part of the body in such metaphysical transformations: through it the soul leaves the body at death, and could come back, why not? Through the mouth into the body of the deceased could not get any stranger, and the evil spirit.

Interestingly, according to preliminary data, including genetic tests, the dead were not relatives and died at different times, but they were buried side by side, in violation of all funeral traditions.

WITCHES 'to pull' funeral on consecrated ground

Along with Irish archaeologists find in Italy, conducted by Professor Fabio Redi from the University of L'Aquila, in the coastal area of Piombino, which is not far from the town of Luke, digging in search of the ravages of time and the Cathedral of San Cerbone tomb of the saint, who lived in the sixth century after Christ, found No less strange burial, dated about the beginning of the XIII century.

In the grave, without a coffin and shroud, lay the remains of a woman in the jaw which were hammered seven curved nails in a certain way, every four centimeters in length! Thirteen nails were driven into the ground around the skeleton. Beroyatno, pinned them to the ground did not survive to the present day women's clothing.

Experts have suggested that, obviously, the organizers and participants of the funeral so tried not to let the dead, as in the Irish case, the death arose from the grave.

According to archaeologist Alfonso Fordzhone, the woman who was about 25-30 years old, most likely suspect or accused of witchcraft. That's why her body and buried with such precautions.

"This is a very unusual find. Never before seen anything like it — said Fordzhone publication Corriere della Sera. — Judging by the nails hammered into his mouth and the nails that were found around the bones, I am convinced that it was considered a witch and buried without a coffin and shroud, nailing the clothes to the ground. Most of all, people want her to lay still and did not rise from the grave in the form of the revived corpse. "

A few meters from the first grave was found another woman's burial late XII — early XIII century, which lay next to the remains of a leather pouch with 17 dice, which in itself is strange. In the Middle Ages women in fear of imminent death was not allowed to play in the bone, because the church considered them the invention of the devil.

The general character of the two graves, according to experts, suggests that the graves contain the remains of medieval witches, who were buried with appropriate rites of exorcism that time.

Another mystery for archaeologists is that the graves were found on sacred ground and, even more, in the vicinity of the ruins of the cathedral.

"You can imagine — says Alfonso Fordzhone — that women belonged to rich families and their influential relatives, using his position in society and bribes, the priests persuaded the then" blind eye "to the blasphemy and bury the body in a" good "place."

However, these are just guesses, and Italian archaeologists still have to shovel mountains of historical documents to find out the truth about the mysterious tombs.

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