66 mark the anniversary of the victory in Belarus and the countries of the former USSR

Society of Western countries celebrated the capitulation of Nazi Germany on the eve. In This year, the first time they were joined by Georgia.

Victory Day is celebrated in the former Soviet Union a day later than in the rest of Europe because of the time difference between the countries of Europe — Germany signed the surrender late at night on May 8, when Moscow was already the next morning.

In Moscow in the parade on Red Square today is attended by about 20,000 troops and 111 pieces of military equipment — in including recent air defense system S-400.

In Kiev This year, abandoned the traditional military parade: parade on Khreschatyk will be veterans, many cities held feerverki. Lviv city council decided not to hang out on May 9 red flags. Outraged by the communists announced their intention to appeal to UEFA President Michel Platini and the authorities of Ukraine to prevent the holding of Euro-2012 in the "fascist Lviv."

In Belarus, a military parade and this year will not be.

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev sent congratulations to the heads of the CIS countries. Alexander Lukashenko was the only head of state in the letter that Medvedev recalled about democracy and freedom.

"The great achievement of the war years — the bonds of friendship and mutual assistance, united the peoples of Russia and Belarus will continue to be a solid foundation for the development of in democracy and free expression of citizens, dense and mutually beneficial relationship sayuznitstva and multifaceted partnership between our two countries, "- said in a message to Medvedev.

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