875,000 fine — in the absence of the defendant

October District Court Judge Oles Zharikova Vitebsk fined journalist Vladislav Staroverova 25 basic units for swearing and disobeying police during his arrest on April 26.

The trial ended without the defendant, who in protest refused to attend the trial.

In the October district court understood the incident that occurred during the funeral shares on the anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. The court case was initiated police, which was drawn up by a journalist Vladislav Staroverova, detaining him for allegedly using foul language and insubordination to legal requirements.

Complaints to the journalist thought that he photographed the police officers who watched the rally, and they did not like, testified in court Vitebsk activist Tatyana Seviarynets:

"There are no requirements to Vladislav Staroverova no one expressed. Away and just ran two — one in civilian clothes, the other in uniform dress, but was pushed to the pavement. These were the chief of the public security police Internal Affairs Igor Skarinovich Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee and his counterpart from the October police department Alexander Kalinowski, which is also responsible for public safety. They beat the guy, and then forcibly dragged him into the car. We, all five witnesses told about it in court, but the judge believed only to the head of the ideological department of the October executive committee. That said police politely asked the journalist, asking them not to shoot, but he blatantly ignored their request. therefore it — as politely — and had put in a service car. "

Tatiana Seviarynets particularly angered the judge's refusal to view the video, made by a police operator. There wasa clearly visible as in actually events unfolded, however Olesya Zharikova said that they see "not possible".

Before making a decision the judge is not even out of the courtroom, was present at the trial told the chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Constantine Smolikau:

"Obviously, the decision was ready before the start of the meeting. And the judge did not even bother to burden themselves with the thought that at least the decency to keep the outside."

According to the judgment, for swearing in public Vladislav Old Believers fined three basic units, and for disobeying police — the twenty-second penalty is 875 Total thousand.

Sam Vladislav Old Believers, do not hope for a fair judgment, decided to ignore the process and are temporarily left Belarus.

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