A hundred voices in defense of the BPF

Hundreds of community leaders urge council to protect the BPF.

"Manor on Masherova 8 — a special place in the modern history of Belarus. Since 1992, it leased the Belarusian Popular Front, but it so happens that now this office is important not to separate the party, and for the whole society. The issue with the office on Masherova 8 beyond dispute businesses. With the eviction of office ZHREO eliminate peculiar island of Belorussian, where there was an active social and cultural activities … This is a public space where There is a live Belarusian. It is a place where people naturally gain experience speaking in Belarusian — is critical to save the language. At the same time, this is the place, where a civil society in Belarus … Without such a place our freedom and our culture will suffer "- written in circulation, a copy of which is sent to the heads of Minsk Executive Committee Nicholas Ladutko and Acting Chief ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk Oleg Samuyliku.

"At the time, defended the young people's memorial Kurapaty from desecration. Who has the honor of a citizen — join us as to the protection council "- calling for subscribing.

They also note: "Office Space missing. Tenant regularly paid to the budget of the city. Please leave the administration at the same address. Unreasonably terminate the lease — which means offend many people, a cause for public outcry … The existence of Belarusians in Belarus today — it's a constant delivery of positions. Belarusian nation came to critical boundaries — both in demographics and in the situation with the language and culture. And one of these milestones — right. "

Among the signatories:

Radim Haretski, geologist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Neil Gilevich, People's Poet of Belarus
Lavon Wolski, singer
Vladimir Orlov, writer
Zinaida Bondarenko, People's Artist of Belarus
Andrew Khadanovich, poet, chairman of the Belarusian PEN Centre
Oleg Trusov, Chairman of the Belarusian Language Society
Elena Makovskaya, Head of World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland"
Arlen Kashkurevich, People's Artist of Belarus

A full list of signatories — the site "Nasha Niva".

Earlier Guide BPF announced an indefinite share protect homestead party Masherov avenue, 8. March 31, members of the party in office lyadz all times.

BPF has filed a lawsuit against the actions of the Soviet ZHREO district. According to the party's leadership, the utility illegally refused to renew the lease.

The next meeting of this case in the Commercial Court of Minsk is scheduled for May 4.

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