A.Pochobut expects that his trial will be the comedy event

On the blog of journalist Andrzej Poczobut, who was accused of insulting and defaming the president and kept in prison until the text of his letters from prison, is his wife.

It says, in part:

"Are you sure I worried? And I feel bad for you. Not to scare you my victim? Or not broke? I'm here all right. In prison, as in a prison. Go to the local reality, I quickly adapted. I spend time reading books (thanks Orlov) and exercise.

As the pool here is not laid, confine Spartan: push-ups, exercises for the abs, prysyadannyami … As a result, the body is buzzing. Thanks for the congratulations Happy Birthday. In such circumstances, I celebrate it still was not necessary. Everything was modest and spartan. But the celebration was to be congratulated, and even a modest gift from fellow inmates.

The letters I write often. Since writing under censorship was not used. Only here understand the feelings overwhelm employees of state media, if you can not write the most interesting because the censors did not miss. The only difference is that I am here, "rolled up" and they voluntarily vzdeli collars. But the worry for them will not, each has its own destiny.

I look forward to the court, I think he will be very fun and even comedy event. Final him, of course, is known, but this is a case where the outcome is less important than the process.

In general, good luck! Good luck! Faith! "

The situation surrounding the case of the journalist, a correspondent for the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza" closely monitoring the Polish Embassy in Belarus. Chancellor Paul Marchuk told our radio:

"According to our latest information received from his wife, he is in a cell measuring 12 square meters, where in addition it contains two of the arrested. Lawyer Pochobut sued to change the content to be released on bail social group. We are waiting for an answer, it might release pending trial. Although there are very few times since, according to the lawyer, the court will take place in 2 weeks.

In the embassy limited opportunities to meet with him, for Mr. Pochobut is Belarusian national. We strive to maintain a lawyer in constant contact with him, to help him and his family. "

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