A preparatory meeting for the closure of Nasha Niva — May 11

Editors'Nasha Niva"Reported that it had received a letter from the Supreme Economic Court of the agenda of the Ministry of Information of the closure of the newspaper.

Preliminary hearing on the case will be held on May 11 at 12:00. Date of commencement of the main trial is not yet known.

Recall Information Ministry on April 25 filed a suit in the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus on the termination of newspapers "Nasha Niva"And the" People's Will. "This decision adopted in accordance with sub-paragraph 2.2. Point 2 of the law art.51 of Belarus "On Mass Media" in connection with the imposition of the editors mentioned publications for two years or more written warnings.

Editions "Nasha Niva"And the" People's Will "claim that they prove in court bespadstavnasts intent of the Information Ministry to stop the publication of the newspaper. Publishers also believe that this initiative is not legal, but political motivation.

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