A series of powerful earthquakes occurred in Japan

A number of major earthquakes occurred on the night of Saturday to Sunday in the northwest of the main Japanese island of Honshu and Hokkaido, said the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 occurred in the Sunday 03.37 local time (22.37 MSK Saturday) near the coastal area of Fukushima Prefecture, where the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1". Hearth tremors occur at a depth of 90 kilometers below the ocean surface.

Warning about the threat of a tsunami was not announced.

Another powerful earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred in the south of the island of Hokkaido. Earthquakes have been recorded at 23.16 local time on Saturday (18.16 MSK). The epicenter was located near the cities and Urakava Urahoro. Hearth tremors occur at a depth of 50 kilometers below the surface.

A series of aftershocks force to 4 points was registered in the major cities of the island — Sapporo Chitose and Hakodate.

Warning about the threat of a tsunami was not announced. Information about the devastation and possible victims of the earthquake as yet been received.

More than a year ago, March 11, 2011, in north-east Japan earthquake with magnitude 9.0, which was later called the "Great Eastern earthquake." Following the tremors came on the coast 14-meter tsunami that flooded four of the six reactors, "Fukushima-1" and knocked out reactor cooling system, which led to a series of hydrogen explosions, core melt, resulting in the atmosphere and Ocean were radioactive substances.

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