A unique complex of S-500 may remain project

A unique complex of S-500 may remain projectAs reported kp.ru, now own the main South American military show enthusiasm to the development Russian arms designer of a new anti-aircraft missile system S-500. The reason for this yavna, because even the last version of SAM S-300 and S-400 are far superior in their tactical and technical features of eminent overseas SAM "Patriot" (Patriot Advanced Capability-3). And when Americans learned that the work is already more powerful than the S-400 — S-500, and utterly mad. Anti-aircraft missile system the U.S. "Patriot" is largely inferior to the Russian analogue of S-400. A with Accepting of the SAM With-500 will yield even more.

It is worth noting that South American military perfectly aware of the progress in the development of a new air defense missile systems, and from time to time information affects their relevance. For example, the South American military are well aware that the C-500 is the final step in the development of the "Almaz-Antey", as it is clear that the individual components of the system are already proving ground tests Saryshagan and the setting of the SAM system into service is scheduled for 2015 .

C-500 — anti-aircraft missile system, which is being developed GSKB JSC "Concern PVO Almaz-Antey". The main difference from previous versions — the brand-new anti-missile missile to intercept targets hovering at more than 7 km / s. Analogues of this missile in the world no.

C-500 is a completely new generation of anti-aircraft missile systems "surface-to-air." The main task of the complex — to intercept ballistic missiles with a range of over 3,500 km as at medium and close-range. Also complex can make the protection of aircraft systems and radio detection and targeting of modern aircraft systems by jamming. With the radius of the planned actions rocket 600 km C-500 will be able to identify and strike at the same time up to 10 ballistic supersonic aerial targets.

The creators of the S-500 say that their package will be able to shoot down ballistic missiles in near space and thus becomes a part of the tactical missile defense. The creators of the rocket did not hide the fact that the range identification purposes system S-500 "will increase by 150-200 km" in comparison with the C-400. Do not hide his pride and Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin, confidently stating that "the C-500 will be demonstrated already in the coming years." And all this went on. The army was waiting for a new tool. Especially because our defense is very rarely amuses her the news that I could be completely proud of.

Similar news about the development of new weapons, of course, allow the Russian military to maintain hope for a really unique at the disposal of weapons systems that are so necessary in our army. Also glad the fact that, despite all the difficulties in the Russian military-industrial complex, preserved engineering companies that are able to create an instrument of the future. In this case, the question of "Almaz-Antey" which not only resisted during the devastation of the military-industrial complex, and began to be published at all new levels, which is to be commended. And they heard from the mouth of the biggest Kremlin officials, including the president, prime minister and defense minister.

A unique complex of S-500 may remain project

But at the beginning of 2011 something happened that we did not expect even the most mnogoznayuschie special on air defense systems: CEO GSKB "Almaz-Antey" I.Ashurbeyli was sent into retirement. On the same day a symbol of protest resigned and Chief Designer GSKB A.Lagovier.

It is not clear why, cut the head off a chicken that lays the golden egg? But then in making such a decision should be impartial any reason. You can recall the situation with the removal from office of head designer would-be famous "Bulava" Yuri Solomonov. Then there was the real cause of impartial — missile tests were a failure and it is recognized by all. In the present situation, the work was carried out intensively, those minor deficiencies were solved simultaneously in fact, because the project was working group of associates. However, in the middle of the journalists began to spread rumors that "some forces" had their eye on a successful venture that brings revenue to the state treasury bolshennye, and because elementary decided to set aside the disagreeable Ashurbeyli.

There is information that a journalist of one of the major newspapers of the Russian Federation has admitted that he was offered a huge sum of money for incriminating articles against Ashurbeyli. But he refused. But the failure of the 1st journalist has not suspended the customers and soon appeared on the Web article that outlined her in a rather bad light GSKB inner life. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation posted an article dubbed the usual "paid", which does not confirmed.

Of course, that article is compromised not only Ashurbeyli, and the whole team of design bureau. Interesting fact of this whole affair — is that, on-1's, all the information was frankly fictitious, and in-2, the creator of articles that could tell about customers compromising GSKB "Almaz-Antey", and remained unknown.

Now there are several versions that can fully explain the reason for such a sudden maneuver of personnel at the plant, which is actually prepared to transfer to the creation of just the latest weapons system.

First version — it's the fact that Igor Ashurbeyli its developments have tried to connect to their own enterprise and different scientific schools. At first glance, that much is that the scientific knowledge that had previously been used only in certain areas — the Air Force, Navy and Army troops were used in the same complex. But it is only at first glance, hidden competitiveness between the military branches of the Russian army has been and will exist in the future, and consequently, Ashurbeyli was objectionable in their attempt to connect what is unreal to join de facto.

Second version — this is the impact of overseas "friends" who are very afraid that there will come a day when the Russian army will have a complex C-500, capable of undo all plans to build missile defense system in Europe. You can imagine that with all the information about the progress of construction of the complex, as we have pointed out above, the Americans have made every effort to make these work hack to death in the root and does not allow even the ability of a system S-500.

3rd version looks to the primitiveness of the obvious — money. Specifically, funds and, thus, large funds could play a decisive role in the fate of the general director of "Almaz-Antey". According to official data only, it is about 20 billion rubles a year, as it is clear Ashurbeyli odious personality, never use the "protection racket" high and this, and as a result, and it ruined his career.

These versions of their own distinct meaning, but in their essence one — anti-aircraft missile complex, which is so afraid of South American military may well remain the pr
oject. Unfortunately, in our modern society ruled by personal ambition above the interests of the municipality. And the second — is the fact that the same South American military is aware of everything that goes on in our design offices and completely may affect the progress of the work.

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