Alexander Adabashyan: Do not spawn enemies

"I have been closely following the events in Belarus — a country that I care about, in which I will gladly come, where I have a lot of friends," — wrote the Russian film writer, artist, actor and director Alexander Adabashyan in an open letter to the Belarusian judges, distributed educational institution "Legal Transformation Center."

"In December last year the country held elections, the results of which are recognized as legitimate. And whether you need legal authority to deal with the opposition to use methods that call into question the legitimacy of the elected government?

Currently underway litigation against former presidential candidates, members of their campaign staffs, participants in the events of December 19. A measure of the possible responsibility for many of them — long-term imprisonment.

This imbalance between the offense and the punishment for it is not based on a just law. I believe that for a reasonable, calm consideration of these cases, the administrative penalty is commensurate their act. Rejecting the repressive approach, executive and judicial authorities can prove that they have been elected to be the guarantors of constitutional rights and freedoms, are designed to provide protection of the law.

I would ask you to observe the principles of law and the law, because I am a human being hurt when a country I love and respect, she breeds enemies for no good reason, "- the statement says Alexander Adabashyan.

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