Alexander Fyaduta. Portrait against a lattice

Alexander Fyaduta, which is rightly the old friendship or call Sasha Shurik — really a man.

And not only in physical sense. He does not fit into any familiar category and the corners of the national public life. For example, everyone knows that Lukashenko our neck planted by him. And although the case have been implicated in many of the current leaders of the Russian democracy and the rulers of thoughts, and despite the fact that Fyaduta the only brought it for the public, no one really does not need repentance — the verdict without appeal: he is guilty and no one else.

True, the best book about the Golem created by him and written by Dr. Frankenstein — Fyaduta. Maybe there is someone's taste better, but this book — and an autobiography, an attempt to explain why intellectuals are "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."

I remember how, after Lukashenko's victory in the elections in 1994, I suddenly called ideological department head the newly re-elected President. We've been sitting with him in Gorky Park, and he gave me to understand myself. And Lukashenko.

However, after a few years when Fyaduta was already the first REM pen in my Funny question: "What did you get from walking in his power?" — Heard a paradox: "You took me. Who was interesting Komsomol leader? And the former president ideologue — see for yourself."

By the way, before Lukashenko, apparently, he is also to blame for most. Its landing, though he and the square of the 19th was, among other things — and even personal revenge: resentment for "treason." Or for the fact that of all the members of that already in 1994 the team prehistoric Lukashenko Fyaduta only required more than Fyaduta him. Or aristocratic gesture when ideologue administration in 1994 took over the responsibility for the "white spots" in the newspapers and resigned.

And Fyaduta loves Pushkin. Sasha's love for the Russian classics he remembers all and sundry. True, maybe even more like that very much surprising Bulgarin, who as a child played in kosinerov Kosciusko. Fyaduta about him even wrote a book. And yet — a modern Belarusian poets. It would seem that if Pushkin and Bulgarin, what modern Belarusian poets? And vice versa. But that's something they are combined with Sasha. Closely him ideologically correct burrows.

After his release

It is unclear to what extent the company "Tell the truth" owes its birth Fyaduta. I believe that in no small part, especially in ideological terms. Too many of its ideology was that to which he has always been prone: a friendly attitude to Russia and to Europe, the former nomenclature of communication, a kind of populism. Some people like this way of thinking, some do not, but that it is not caught up with the voice of strangers. And it is for it is very paid dearly and continue to pay.

In addition to various other reasons, were in it, and is it not the main thing was the desire to express themselves, as in 1994, to challenge fate, determine the future of their country.

Failed, as it was then. However, with the opposite reasons. But the man expresses himself in the way to the goal, not only in its achievement.

During the election campaign

This, in particular, embodied in the claims "area of despair," he wrote in his blog on the eve of December 19. It was in this galichavskae "You can go to the square …". If the results are not a political calculation, but simply human dignity, not indecent when to get out. After the dissolution of the area, he said: "My area ahead." So he's standing there.

And one more delicate circumstance — about payment for his choice. Then this judge can only be one who is worthy of it passed. So just to remind that no original confessions and explanations, no complicated games, no videos, you need to challenge and interpret from Fyaduta from prison was not. Trite sat corny held, no sensation, a prison — not our mother. Sitting, as well as some of his favorite characters of the Belarusian-Polish-Russian history.

Maybe that's because of its literary and historical experience Sasha knew, with whom he was dealing. And what about power, and about the people.

At the presentation of the book Yu.Drakohrust "Accents Freedom"

To say that Alex — an angel with wings — so no, even though the genre "portrait on the background grid" is close to agiyagrafii. Sometimes — cold politician, master tricky combination, sometimes — political consultant whose profession with romanticism and idealism incompatible by definition, sometimes — a sharp, hard and even angry polemicist. Well, not the icon and not a monument to himself. Proud, with the will to power, the temptation which in 1994 had been poisoned, it seems, forever. And that — is it so bad? Somewhere policy devoid of lust for power and the engine of their personality?

But while Sasha and romantic. In a conversation at the park over the Svisloch he told me that Lukashenko will snake charmer popular superstition, and others, and the president himself, will do the necessary reforms the country. So now the plan talks with government officials and security forces, who voiced Fyaduta now and sounded the night of the 19th, it is not quite realistic to me personally, but the Sasha, apparently, he believed. Although in that situation all the plans have been around deserve each other.

However, Sasha idealism — not his own, that the idealism of the Belarusian society that second decade, and by and large — which wanders century, the Jews in the desert.

If Fyaduta jailed — it will be a big mistake and sin. No, it would be better if no one planted, because the whole thing not worth a jigger, and if they were all from the point of view of any blame, then your long days and months that guilt bought.

But put Fyaduta — it is also to take away the life of his Belarusian flowering complexity, making it a much more primitive and evil. And this, and now have a horse.

Yuri Drakakhrust, a columnist for "Freedom"



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