Alexander Lukin is suspected that I was involved in the escape Natalya Radina

Entrepreneur of Kobrin Alexander Lukin, who has lived in France, went to the Belarusian border guards on the territory of Poland. He states that in the list of persons belonging to the detention, m that he is suspected of involvement in the escape of the journalist Natalia Radina.

Alexander Lukin and his family crossed the border at the border crossing Slavatyche May 4. Prior to this entrepreneur visited Belarus in March. Earlier, in the day of the presidential election on December 19, he was detained in Minsk and sentenced to administrative detention to 15 days, which he served in Zhodinskaya prison.

Alexander said that the Belarusian border guards after a lengthy document checks asked him to go with them. For what purpose — not specified. When Alexander went to the Polish administration building, the guards ran after him.

I could not even see where to run

Lukin: "I could not even see where he escaped. But I saw that I was flying with shouts and curses Belarus Lieutenant. He stumbled and fell, but then followed me. Hallways were Polish border guards, whom the situation is shocking. They started to help keep me. I Poles then began talking about the suspicions of political persecution. "

Polish border guards did not give Alexander Lukin Belarusian colleagues. His wife Elena, who was with him, went to the Belarusian side to the children and returned to Kobrin. Alexander Lukin said that in the past suggested to take the family to France, his family has not spoken about the fact that they not travel abroad:

"In any case, I expected to move from Belarus. But do not think that I can be such a problem. Maybe what happened to me just wanted to talk, but the guards themselves have admitted that I was on the list of those who should be detained. As for departure of his wife and children, yet no one had told her that she did not exit. "

Just these days Radina fled the country. Intelligence agencies suspect that I'm involved in this

The passport of the former owner was in the Belarusian border guards. The Polish border guards gave him a certificate which stated that the documents were left at the border. In addition, Alexander has French documents:

"I have a separate card, residence permit in France. Based on this, and I drove to Poland. The Poles, however, gave more help, which took away my documents Belarusian border guards. "

An attempt to arrest at the border Alexander Lukin calls politically motivated:

"At the end of March, I drove to Belarus. Then, I was in Kobrin two days. Just in these days Radina fled the country. Intelligence agencies suspect that I'm involved in it. Because thereafter came to my house with a search warrant. "

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