All-Russian Agriculture Ministry starts ochipirovaniyu cattle

  • Stand AFK "System" on RusNanoTech 2011
  • Stand AFK "System" on RusNanoTech 2011

Stand AFK "System" on RusNanoTech 2011

"All-Russian Agriculture Ministry starts ochipirovaniyu bovine (cattle) with AFK" System " — Said the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik held March 27 III Congress of the Dairy Union.

"There will be allocated to all livestock ochipirovanie Russia, not only breeding animals. We struggled with this direction three years. Now we have received the approval of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, and begin to work " — Declares Helena Skrinnik.

It is planned that the company will implement the project "Sitronics", which is one of the business units AFK "System". According to the company, the cheapest option — a label fixed to the ear, which costs about 40 rubles more expensive tag for sheep who work in the animal's stomach — 100-130 rubles. One reader on the 60 heads can cost 20-30 thousand rubles. Among the advantages of the system RFID Specialists of "Sitronics" name:

  • automation of sorting, feeding, washing, cutting;
  • minimizing the number of individuals with inherited diseases;
  • optimization of the daily feed intake and milk production;
  • exception of substitution of breeding animals;
  • accurate Schedule vaccination.

Russia remains the only one of the top 20 countries by number of cattle having no identification system and not the beginning of a project to its creation. Number of cattle in Russia is 20.3 million head, about 9 million of them are on the farms, and the rest — in private farms. According to analysts, the Russian market of RFID tags for animals is estimated at 20-25 million units per year. The entire chip market with the chips, smart cards and RFID tags in 2011 was approximately $ 1.55 billion

However, to date, in the world as long as there is no reliable solution RFID technology in animal husbandry. This means that the use of RFID tags for marking livestock does not constitute a waiver or replace previous methods of marking.

In addition, the same U.S. still parallel, two options exist labeling one with application of HF, and the other with application of UHF. From a user perspective, the difference will be in the range of reading labels. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

The solution, as demonstrated by the "Micron" at the exhibition, which was held under the "Nanoforum" says about using HF. This means that for reading information to approach close to the animal, the possibility that unattainable animal after vaccination.

Somehow, in the Minister's report was not mentioned company "Angstrom", which also has a corresponding solution. And the ultimate consumer of meat and dairy products before the start of the project we would like to know how a decision will affect retail prices.

By the way, if you take into account the presence of a pair of each animal's ears, we can assume the imminent increase in the Russian market RFID tags Animal.

Stanislav Zlatoust

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