All that was not me, I remember …

In our life many puzzling phenomena. They would seem to be impossible under any circumstances, however — there. Official science in most cases, such as, for example, comes to telepathy or bioenergy, simply deny the phenomenon, the nature of which can not be explained. That does not prevent each of us from time to time to feel their presence, or even influence.

Phenomenon about which we are talking today, from the same series. Try to understand — what is the genetic or genetic memory, where it comes from and what its presence threatens us — or rather, what it brings to our existence?

Salt and matches

This song is a radio station "Mayak" twisted almost every day. Those over forty, remember …

"Today I'll get up before dawn.
Pass on a wide field.
Something with my memory was:
All that was not me, I remember, "

— Singing just in time, and that while Leshchenko Kobzon and Magomayev. I do not know my age, and I have a very tender age imbued found lyricist, Robert Rozhdestvensky, metaphor: memories of what a hero is not worried. It is quite possible that the poet used it solely as a tool for creating a powerful image, but it struck me literally its context. Surprised, because until now no one has talked about the fact that you can remember something in your destiny was not.

However, Christmas is, of course, was not the first to touch the phenomenon, which we now know as genetic memory. The first was Carl Gustav Jung and his "collective unconscious": he saw it as a release of deep levels of the psyche, which is independent from personal experience. According to Jung, the collective unconscious is a collection of many images or archetypes, "Archetypes as much as the typical situations in life. Captured the endless repetition of these experiences in our psychological makeup is not in the form of images filled with content, but as a form without content, representing only a certain type of ability of perception and action. " Simply put, in the depths of the unconscious stored matrices containing algorithms action in a particular situation, derived from the experience of generations of our ancestors. And archetypes are not transmitted through intercourse or during training, and are inherited genetically. Thus, the experience of the individual is not lost with his death, but the legacy of descendants: "Unconscious as a set of archetypes is the residue of all that has been experienced by humanity, until his darkest started. They are not dead residue, not abandoned the field of ruins, a living system reactions, and dispositions that are not visible, and therefore more effectively determines the life. "

In the days of my youth knew about Jung unit, but its tenets are applied in practice by many. For example, in August 1998, after the default, when the ruble vspoloshennaya crowd began to storm the stores. Quite respectable gentlemen packed their trunks more solid car canned meat, canned fish, cereals and pasta packaging, bags of sugar, but first of all, as you may remember from the shelves dare acquired in Russia in the last hundred years, almost sacred value salt and matches. Than, say, the manifestation of genetic memory? People have long obzavedshiesya PLATE WITH ELECTRONIC obediently listened ghostly voices of great-grandparents, just store and in 1917, and in 1941, the year. Tell you honor: and I have risen from the subconscious forces urged on to take part in purchasing the Sabbath. Saved the full at the time the lack of money …

What is good for a Russian?

But back to Jung, which is based on the theory of archetypes made an assumption about the differences in the collective unconscious in different nations. "Of course, at a much earlier stage and lower mental development, where one can not turn up the difference between the Aryan, Semitic, Hamitic and Mongolian mentality, all human races have a common collective psyche. But with the beginning of racial differentiation there are significant differences in the collective psyche. For this reason, we can not take a breath alien race in our mentality, without causing appreciable damage last "- claimed Carl Gustav, and we followed rightly echoed:" that the Russian well, Germans — death. "

I remember the first time penetrating the essence of this revelation, I finally settled down to the effect that haunts me every time with the first signs of the onset of winter, if not depression, the wrench is not a sign of psychopathy. With unforgettable Carl Gustav I've pulled this dismal state of the manifestation of genetic memory ancestors, award winning author of this brown eyes, and once very dark hair. Not, could not, could not love my Southern ancestors cold, so to speak, by definition. I bet many of you, dear friends, have experienced something similar. Even the owners of blue eyes and blond hair of a no-no, and exhaled blissfully at the sight of the trees swollen buds in the spring, "Thank God, have lived …". And, actually, why do we, the inhabitants of apartments, all sorts of lard heating appliances and countless supplies, could not live up to the heat? Why this absurd idea? All from the same place — from the ancestors, for which winter was sometimes fun skating, and was essentially Russian roulette: lucky this time or not …

From there, I'm sure, and it seems to be frivolous, absurd word "live to see — we'll see," for which — hundreds, thousands, millions of pending cases at the last moment. And the cases are not comic, but very important — requires planning and preparation. You can, of course, explain the current laziness and laxity, but who can argue that there is in this manifestation of archetypes inherited from grandparents, often instead of planting, harvesting, weddings or school falls under the nomads, a general mobilization, under the ruling of collectivization , denunciation followed by the sentence or order of relocation? Really — what plan, if everything could collapse in an instant?

But we do not live in a flash, we live in a relatively quiet and stable, but still have to meet people who indulge in a new coat, then to repair the apartment just because they are going to soon move into a world where no coat and flats what. And this is seen as an evil dissonance genetic memory: on the one hand, such as prolonging the life of every individual by transferring his experience to future generations, and on the other — clearly impedes normal life "here and now". However, let's be honest, genetic memory is largely irrelevant. The problem is we do not know how to turn away from the bitter experience of ancestors, basically taking away sorrow and anxiety and do not want to see any other way of using the accumulated experience of previous generations.

A few years ago in a small Greek airport I observed the ancient Greek woman, old woman, was tortured before flight flight personnel for the safe movement of the air. Neighbor in the waiting room — our compatriot, of course in Greek, the conversation shifted to me. It turned out that Grandma never fly because expresses great concern about undertaking to lift into the air metal structure, called the plane. After listening to the assurances of staff in safety of flight, the old lady, somewhat calmer, said: "I did not break, I was soon to die, and I'm in Athens was not." That's it! And it is fine old lady was well-fed American, means the highest anxiety disorders inspire romantic heroes "Santa Barbara." No, the old Greek woman to fall into a depression, and memory-a gene is not particularly required. She was a walking memory, who was responsible for not only the Nazi occupation, but I think even the Janissaries, but at no despair flowed. Jung was right: we did not try them mentality. Well, if you still try?

Gene silencing

Let's go back to the song lyrics to Christmas. In my youth, I mistakenly thought that the first Christmas spoke about genetic memory. Excuse me is that I have not read the novel yet Ivan Antonovich Yefremov "Razor."

Ivan Antonovich Yefremov, Soviet paleontologist, Stalin Prize winner, founder of taphonomy — discipline of the laws of the land to find the remains of prehistoric animals, could not help but think of the possibility of reconstruction of organisms based on a selection of biomaterial DNA sequence, that is, of what is now referred to as cloning. It is possible that immersion in the genetic "reproduction" was the reason put forward by Ephraim assumption that our immediate memories, as well as deposited in the memory of our ancestors events can be stored in the genes and inherited. Yefremov did not dare to express such a hypothesis in a scientific meeting or publication, believing that it will cause rejection of the academic world. So the idea of a science fiction novel, "Razor", in which Ivan Antonovich declared all known to him the background of genetic memory problems. The protagonist, a Soviet physician-physiologist Ivan Rodionovich Kirin is studying visions "eidetics" — people capable of lucid dreaming. As a result of these experiments Kirin comes to the conclusion that sleep is a replica preserved in the memory of the individual genetic chain of events inherited from their ancestors.

Around the same period, and also in the Soviet Union a theory which admits not only the direct inheritance of individual memories, but also borrowing prints episodes of biographies of people who are not genetic ancestors. Soviet physiologist Academician Petr Kuzmich Anokhin suggested that in humans have so-called "silent genes". They do not transmit genetic information, and encode everything that happens to us in life — a sort of locking device. In the process of communication, say, shaking hands, kissing, any common ground we are constantly exchanging particles of matter containing DNA. Thus, we accumulate the genetic material of other people. Usually it is passive, but in certain circumstances foreign genetic cells may be activated, and then we "remember" the fate of others, and even "live" episodes alien life.

There is quite sad. Come to "pay the bills", say, grandparents. Even if he lived dissolute and heaped affairs, yet his — own … But what is the tram — quite as bacillus — catching malicious gene into the space exudes some dissolute spendthrift, a parasite or an alcoholic in the seventh knee? Of course, not the fact that the "infected" certainly sopetsya time and become a bum note-but for sure — burdened by such "evils" of the unconscious life always spoil. Spoil, of course, explicitly and implicitly, as these genetic memories are not usually available to us in conscious reflection, which actively opposes our nature, striving to protect the psyche from a split personality. But genetic memory can manifest itself in a state of altered consciousness, the most common type is a normal person is sleeping. It turns out (in theory of course, but who can guarantee that once the theory becomes a reality?), Which can sleep a successful and purposeful, and wake outsider. What do you want to do with it?

On the road to eternity

Luckily, here we have the support of genetic psychology — a new direction in science has proved that in addition to physical appearance, character traits we inherit (through genetic memory — including) more and destiny. With it you can try to get rid of the "curse" of the national mentality, and the acquired human "disease." Here is what it says about Dmitry Kalinski — President of the International Academy of genetic psychology: "We do not need to pull out the struggling painfully alien subconscious certain facts, try to find out what is truly tormented man that does not allow him to move on. Because all this is already reflected in the genogram: the very scheme which specialist — gene psychologist — calculates and builds on the basis of ancestry. And therefore, calculates and "hot spots" that need to interact with.

Say genogram rights demonstrates that in five years you will have a critical situation in the family life that threatens to divorce. Can I prevent it? The specialist will help the situation model, go through all the "Regulations" feelings and make the right decision. Thus, when after five years of crisis does arise, the subconscious mind to seek the assistance of a gene psychologist will already have the necessary experience, and the man himself will know what to do. "

This, of course, wonderful. But what if the person lives in the wilderness, where not only the genetic psychologist could not be found, but also to local therapist does not get? The answer is clear and simple to outrageous — work on yourself, life is full filled with good deeds, light, awareness of the importance and integrity of its own existence. Moreover, the work to the end, not because of otlynivaya coming soon relocation to other worlds: fill silent genes energy of life, and not sadness of decay.

Here we must try — try very hard, because it is a fact that we leave a legacy of his favorite grandson. That's grandchildren — Gene psychologists believe that the "copy" of the fate is a generation. You do not leave your beloved grandchildren thin socks and mashed pillowcase? So why do you think it possible to leave the mental razdryzgannost and disorder?

However, the work is not even too child-(or rather, grandchildren) lyubivym nationals because if you think about, it is about our personal immortality through genetic memory of entering into eternity, to join you in anger, lots of unfinished business and the hangover at least not right.

Finally, once again back to the song "For that guy" with lyrics by Robert Rozhdestvensky. I was struck by the similarity of the tested lyrical hero that is often felt in the dream I — young pioneer, new growth materialism proclaimed its basic ideological values of the society.

I often dreamed of war. It would be logical to assume that in fact manifested itself not so much the memory of my ancestors who fought as saturation of domestic film and television screens military pathetic stories. But even then, his childish mind, I dokumekal that something is wrong, it is wrong. The war in my dreams did not like a series of ideologically tuned events in the life of those whose names were schools and Pioneer squads. In them I was not thinking about how to destroy more enemies, the task was simple — to survive in the middle of being hell. I tried to compare what he saw with what was really going on, so what I could tell, but, like most soldiers, never told my grandfather — a war invalid. I pestered him with questions, but my grandfather always waved off, he says, it's past and terrible — nothing to remember, we must live for today. And he did live for today — mowing the grass, planting flowers, taught me tinkering birdhouses and sailboats, swim, ride a bike, fly a kite, in the seventy years suddenly bought a piano and mastered his tutorial. Now I realize that he deliberately got rid of serious our country's history of mental healing. I do not think that my grandfather got rid of them — it does not have consequences, however, looking at it from the painful memories of the gene, I got rid of. And war, even if disguised as a lawsuit, strife, resentment, not included or almost came into my life. Because now I can say with confidence that I will not survive, and live. Live, wrote Christmas, "for himself and for the guy," well, or for the girl, if fate will reward her granddaughter …

Michael Mamaladze

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