Altai doctors performed a unique operation to separate conjoined twins

Do babies were spliced sternum and liver

The fact that she will become a mother of Siamese twins, Elena, a resident of the village Samsonov Shipunovskogo district learned the 22nd week of pregnancy.

— We offered to give birth in hospital Elena number 5, which is close to our hospital — says the head of the surgical department of Regional Children's Clinical Hospital Yuri Ten.

Babes were born November 11, 2012 on the age 32-33 weeks (Elena caesarean section): the total weight of girls was 3200 grams. Girl named Violet and Evelyn.

— The girls were spliced sternum and liver. Also part of the intestines of a girl in the body of another baby — continues to Yuri.

When, after two months, she got stronger and weighed more than 6 pounds, the doctors had a consultation and took a chance to have an operation to separate conjoined twins.

— Of course, for us it was very responsible. After this the fourth such operation, which is in principle in Russia. In the world they also accrued units explains Yuri.

Direct the operations head of the surgical department of Regional Children's Clinical Hospital Yuri Ten and chair of surgical diseases of childhood AGMU, MD, Honored Doctor of Russia, a surgeon of the highest category, Vladimir Kozhevnikov. It lasted 1.5 hours: attended four surgeons, two anesthetists, operating several sisters. For babies need two artificial lungs: they they spent day.

Now the baby feel good. At home, they are waiting for my father and two brothers Vitali 12-year-old Denis and 7-year-old Sergei.

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