Americans plan to lift from the bottom of the biggest treasure in history

February 2, 2012 19:58

At 50 kilometers from the coast of the U.S. state of Massachusetts finder underwater treasures Greg Brooks found torpedoed June 16, 1942 a British ship Port Nicholson. On board a British cargo transporter was platinum USSR worth over $ 3 billion.
"I'm going to get it any way this weight, even if you have it to the surface. It is likely that in addition to platinum there may be about ten tons of gold and industrial diamonds "- quoted American Greg Brooks of Sub Sea Research« Interfax ». The ship lies at a depth of 213 meters.

Greg Brooks showed a video which show at least 30 boxes of platinum bullion, scattered among the rubble wreck. The shipment was part of a settlement of the Soviet Union and the United States of America for the supply of arms to the Lend-Lease Act. According to the register of the U.S. Treasury, on board the sunken ship may be 71 tons of platinum and diamonds and gold bars.
Treasure hunter claims not reported finding for four years, until settled in U.S. federal court all the details of the operation to raise the ship. But this is by no means that Brooks and his team will be the owners of the finds. The United Kingdom also expects to claim a portion of the raised from the seabed mining. Experts in the field of maritime law claim that the claim on the property may bring U.S., Britain and Russia.
British freighter sunk the German submarine U87, on his way to the port of New York. In attack four crew members were killed and 87 people were rescued.

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