An-2 — another victim of the Dyatlov Pass?

July 4, 2012 10:48

An-2 - another victim of the Dyatlov Pass?In the history of the disappearance of the AN-2, which is nearly two weeks looking for the Urals, new touches. It turned out that the plane could divide in Dyatlov Pass. It is a place in the Northern Urals became known through books and documentaries about the death of a group of tourists, skiers in 1959. Unexplained incidents cropped version so far.

According to Radio "VestiFM", in the same area where the missing "corncob", in 1959, died in mysterious circumstances a group of skiers from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Headed guys who went in the winter campaign, an experienced traveler, Igor Dyatlov. It is in his honor and in memory of the tragic death of the other eight people place their last stop called Dyatlov Pass.

In the Soviet Union sports tourism was very popular — in each institution had its tourist clubs. But one of the negative effects of mass tourism interests are not so rare cases death tourist groups — due to poor preparedness for the route or natural disasters.

It would seem that the death of the group members Dyatlov — just one in a series of unfortunate episodes. But it was he who went down in history because of the circumstances of this incident. They are so inexplicable and mysterious, that none of the proposed version is not exhaustive. But speculation over the past 50 years, a host. Controversy surrounding them still continues to this day.

Brief history is that in the night of 1 February 2, 1959 the people who were in the tent, suddenly her leave. And not just go out and cut it with a knife in several places in the wall from the inside. Apparently, warned about the danger of one of the tourists, who had previously walked out.

But if it was something so terrible, that require immediate exit by cutting the sheet (and on some tourists had no shoes — just socks), it is unclear why people go on organized in one direction and not rushed in panic in all directions.

Two of the victims, identified first, were virtually stripped to their underwear. They and three others found nearby, died from exposure to cold. Four others have been only in the spring. And the cause of death have been much more tragic. The guys had a broken rib cage, damaged internal organs, some torn eyes. No other tracks — animal or human — Around the death of the group were found. The criminal case was closed, saying that tourists are faced with the influence of "elemental force" to overcome that were not able to.

That kind of deadly force, still argue. One of the popular versions, including those set forth in the books, blames the sudden avalanches. Opponents, in turn, questioned why the avalanche was so selective in choosing victims, and why those who have not received fatal injuries, were unable to return to the tent when the danger has passed.

The second block versions for the human factor. Indeed, the first tourist group blamed for the deaths of local people Mansi. However, this version quickly disappeared, as no other traces were found nearby. True, the trail of another kind of Mansi remains. In local folklore places have always been considered bad. Mountain, where tourists were killed in a language called Mansi Mountain dead, and the name of another summit, which sends teams, means "do not go there." As they say, just like the names are not given.

Many supporters and the version of "cleansing." Ostensibly skiers unwittingly witnessed the test of a secret military facility and were destroyed by security forces. Journalist Ivan Sobolev, was investigating this strange case, strongly disagrees.

"Even if we assume that someone very much had to hide the cause of death of the group, then the solution lies on the surface — to collect the corpses and the remaining things take a hundred kilometers of where to look exactly no one will, and throw in one of the many in the those edges of swamps. And then there would be no investigation at all, no need to attract new people to the point from which you then take a subscription to disclose — the group simply would disappear into the forest "- he wrote in an article in the journal" Technology — young people. "

Last year, there was one more "human" version is also quite exotic. The author, Alex Rakitin sure tour groups involved in the death of NATO Special Forces. Supposedly it was a planned meeting our spies with foreign intelligence agent who had to get their samples of radioactive clothing. Indeed, as told by those who led the investigation, a Geiger counter on the site is through the roof. But it is unclear why it was necessary to organize all that difficult, introducing explicit or alleged spies in the regular group of skiers. Again — no other signs …

Finally, it would be strange if in such complicated case showed up a mystical trail. Those Mansi in interrogations repeatedly mentioned the strange balls of fire, which they saw in the sky that night. The prosecutor, who was directly involved in the investigation of the death of tourists in one of the interviews in our time explicitly stated that the cause of death was a blast fireball. He made his findings from the study area. And that's what it was for the ball — weapons or aliens — is unclear.
There is evidence that on the night observers saw some phenomenon glowing disk almost the size of a full moon, surrounded by a large bluish halo that sometimes flickering up.

And now the latest news — Hollywood director Renny Harlin ("Die Hard 2", "Cliffhanger") seems to be interested in the idea of the film Dyatlov Pass. As the producer Alexander Rodnyansky, collaborating with Harlin, in America, this story is not less known than us. In the U.S., even a documentary film, which also expressed different versions — from aliens to weapons testing. According to the producer, it is a mystical thriller. True, about the shooting, which should begin in the spring, as yet unreported.

Svetlana Smetanina

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