An activist of the movement For Freedom Nikita Lihavida was transported to the colony

May 7 from the Minsk detention center, located on the street Volodarskogo next stage sent to prison activist of the Movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavida, sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for the events of December 19.

Mother of a political prisoner Elena Lahavid said, "Freedom", "I was told in the prison that night went stage. But today, as cold rain, when I think how they put on my knees next to the train, I can not calm down. "

In marte Nikita Lihavid was recognized by the judge Natalia Pykinay of Partyzanski district of Minsk guilty participation in mass 19 riots in Minsk on December. A month later, Minsk City dismissed the complaint against the verdict, which the lawyer has filed Daria Lipkin. Himself Lihavida to the complaint did not bring. Serve his sentence Nikita Lihavid will Novopolotsk colony.



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