An old store or dispose of small gun in army warehouses?

Dispose of old or store firearms in army warehouses?On the instructions of the Ministry of Defence in Russia lasts utilization small tools. Most of the country's Defense Ministry claimed that the Russian armories now almost filled with machine guns, sniper rifles and pistols that were manufactured more than 30 years ago. According to some reports, the number of units of small tools that are at military arsenals, first in 2012 was about 16 million barrels, of which about 35-40% of developed their own resource. Before the end of 2015, the Office Anatoly Serdyukov going to dispose of about 4 million units of the gun.

This news was received by diversifying in. Some people are convinced that the preservation and enhancement of the number of units small tools in the country — the issue of national security, and therefore no recycling arrangements in respect of the military arsenal simply not relevant. Others they say that utilization models of small tools of old times, have developed their own resource decade back, long overdue.

There are quite a perceptible world of professionals, which is to ensure that the reduction in the number of units of military small guns to 4,000,000 — a very low figure. It is necessary to conduct a more massive reduction, leaving a spare arsenal least 3-4 million units.

All sides have their reasons. Representatives of the first sides are convinced that the Ministry of Defence is involved in a strange project which may affect the ability of the army to solve a range of problems. Reasons in this case, then look around this: small tool created for the benefit of the Fatherland, and therefore its mass disposal — a blow to the security of the Russian army, which may face the need to role in large-scale conflict.

The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" directly states that the large-scale recycling small tools, instigated by the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation does not look like an episode of more than 100 years ago, when the Minister of War Sukhomlinov signed the order in which permission dispose of about 400 thousand rifles Berdan number 2. Adjutant General Sukhomlinov in 1910 stated that it tool only clutters warehouses, and so it must be, or to realize or dispose of. But after the outbreak of the First World War, with the apparent difficulty of the Russian army, which pointed to the "spelling" V.A.Suhomlinova. Soon the head of the Imperial War Ministry of the Russian Federation has been arrested and tried for treason. Apparently, the "MK" unambiguously gives to realize that recycling of small tools of today's times can lead to the same consequences as the disposal after the order V.A.Suhomlinova in the second decade of the 20th century.

Supporters of plans for waste small tools, catechumens, Anatoly Serdyukov, not inclined to dramatize. According to their view, to associate the situation in 1910 and 2012 is just plain wrong, much less that the question of the disposal of exhausted their own resources units of small guns. According to the views of these people, if the industry will not work on the actual provision of the army, and only on the packing of warehouses, with no substitution of old times to new weapons designs, the modernization of the army and do not have to read.

Both positions are worthy of respect. Indeed, the continued storage of samples of old times guns do not fit into the modernization plans. But before you dispose of something massively, you need to analyze the manufacturing industry. If our businesses are ready to fulfill all of the items in terms of the creation of the state defense order ultramodern small tools that can be competitive, including in the global market, the utilization of weapons-grade samples of old times does not look intimidating. But it often happens that we first conducted a complete liquidation, and later begin debate and reflection on the fact that the idea was not reasonable and, therefore, was launched in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, whoever would be charged with treason, and whether there will be such a person in case of unpleasant events, this is a great question …

In this connection, so no dual judgments of publicity about appearing, the Ministry of Defence to provide assurance that all pending actions are within the scope of modernization and has no impact on the country's defense. A guarantee in the case of one — long contracts for the creation of a new high-precision, efficient and reliable instruments, which should be necessarily implemented.

By the way, at a time when nearly 16 million barrels lie unattended in army warehouses in modern schools on the lessons of life safety (BZ) generally prohibit the conduct lessons on the research training weapon … And if you still are not quite so long ago graduate school could bring in your own asset that the fact that the lessons of the original military training revealed to him the basics of the appeal of small tool, now many older students Kalashnikov beheld, except those shown in numerous video games …

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