Anastasia Palazhanka. Portrait against a lattice


Anastasia Palazhanka — she is the protector. Under the same name (abaronca) girl known in social networks, so it is in life.

The fragile girl — strong support for the Young (and not only): always having a lot of their problems, Nastya finds time to support each, please, inspire. A lucky enough — and feed the hodgepodge or any other Yummy as Nastya — the perfect hostess. This is one of those informal highlights of the girls, who are known only to members of Anastasia.

In the media information about Anastasia is often: Woman discover Belarusian Joan of Arc resistant and courage. This is true, but that is only one side of Anastasia. In fact, Nastia is very delicate, delicate, soft, elegant girl who even in Akrestsin got in a skirt and heels. Few know that Nastia is the example of his mother that died prematurely from the disease many years ago, wanted to become a school teacher.

At the orphanage

Under the threat of exclusion from school, Anastasia Palazhanka changed several schools in the 11th grade. The girl allowed to obtain a secondary education, but higher education in Belarus, she "did not shine." Instead Belarusian Pedagogical University Anastasia entered the remote branch of Yerevan State University with a degree, "political science" — did not want to leave the country, however, she does not forget his youthful dreams and hopes that life eventually show her the right direction: teaching or politics.

Another Nastya loves to sing. And the Young love to hear her sing. The first songs recorded Nastya the age of 14 years as part of the "Other" and was even invited to the selection round of "Basowiszcza" but because of disagreement father to take part in a music competition could not.

Now the Ministry of Finance and study rob all the time girl, so she stopped singing. And occasionally we get the pleasure of listening to her pure and powerful voice when Nastia sings Belarusian national songs during street marches and pickets.

At the trial of Dmitri Dashkevich

Anastasia Palazhanka attracted by its sincerity and spachuvalnastsyu — when suddenly a person is detained, it day and night, will be the first to stand at the door police station / court with a package of food and warm clothing in his hands. Nastya is always there when someone needs help. Now, support is needed Anastasia. Defend it!

Tatiana Shaputska, an activist of "Young Front"

Anastasia Palazhanka — 20-year-old deputy chairman of the "Young Front". Is a member of the Ministry of Finance since 2004. Night on December 20, 2010 he wasand arrested in his apartment and is enclosed in a KGB prison, where she spent almost two months. Is accused on charges of disturbing public order.



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