Ancient Chinese people: a man without shame is not human

October 5, 2011 20:20

Confucius Temple in Beijing.  Photo: from the site

Confucius Temple in Beijing. Photo: from the site

One of the followers of Confucius, Mencius argued that people are born with a conscience. He believed that people are born with the ability to empathize with the concept of shame, and the perception of what is right and what is not. These qualities are the seeds of kindness, loyalty, propriety and wisdom. Only animals are not born with the natural qualities of good. A man with a sense of shame will increase their morality in the face of the temptations of fame and wealth.

In ancient China, people believed that a person with the concept of shame, is set to make the right decision when choosing between wealth and poverty, and the loss or gain loyalty and self-interest. He will not allow his wishes to take up. A man without shame capable of any crime.

Confucius once praised the three wise men who felt a sense of shame, no matter what they were doing. In ancient China believed that the person who feels shame, will not be subject to the temptation of money, and will not compromise their integrity in the face of fear or danger. He is humble and good-natured.

He is inferior to the other, he takes only what he needs. Whether it is his personal ethics and the desire for something or patriotism, sense of human feelings of shame is a prerequisite of its holdings of moral conscience.

Confucius said, "A person should limit their behavior the concept of shame." He also said: "To feel shame is akin to courage."

When a person has a shyness, he will brave enough to confront their own mistakes and seek to improve morality. Only a person who has the modesty to be brave enough to confront their own mistakes and overcome them. It is an act of courage, said in ancient China.

Scholar Lu Kun, who lived during the Ming Dynasty, said: "Even the threat of five torture can not be compared with a sense of shame." The most severe criminal law and the worst punishment would not be able to teach a sense of shame. Lu Kun believed that teach people to feel shame is more important than the imposition of severe penalties. As soon as the ethics of the people will rise, they will have an idea of shame, they know what they should and should not do, and be able to distinguish what is right and what is not. This method is much more effective in preventing crime than punishing people after they make them. This is one of the reasons that Confucianism teaches training for crime prevention.


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