… And they beat 29 riot police

In the court of the Moscow district of Minsk, the trial of the six participants in the events on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19, 2010: Dmitry Doronin, Sergei Kazakov, Vladimir Loban Vitali Matsukevich, Eugene secret, Oleg Fedorkevichey. They are charged under Part 2 of Art. 293 of the Criminal Code, "riots". None of the defendants admitted the charges completely.

Judge Elena Shilko immediately adjourned — was not the lawyer of one of the defendants. Restored with refinement process began personalities defendants revealed that four of the six defendants have higher education, age from 24 to 50 years, all — Belarusians and neither belongs to a political party. The prosecutor then Miller for nearly an hour reading out the charges: participation in the riots, armed resistance to the government, riot police beating and damage to government buildings. Here's how it's said one of the relatives of the accused:

"I have listened very carefully to the charge — there were six. Each block began with accusations that the frenzied crowd did something terrible that six clusters of plants, three suede jackets and so on. He talked for a long time and did not tell the person accused, but in general, that there is someone policemen shovel bruise on my ass planted — it's just a shame. The poor prosecutor slurred language — he hardly spoke at last, especially the word "undemocratic."

I was sure that I had the most wonderful son and calm in the world. And when I heard how much he defeated many people he broke …

According to the indictment, the defendants beat 29 riot police, but witnesses on the part of the victims came to court only three. Among those present in the courtroom were representatives of human rights organizations, including Sergei Ostaf — OSCE observers, journalists and relatives of the defendants. The mother of one of them is also convinced that his son exhibited far-fetched and baseless accusation:

"I was convinced that I had the most wonderful son and calm in the world. And when I heard how much he defeated many people he broke … I do not know … It seems to me, that's it all too seriously. It does not must. It is necessary to punish someone — that's found someone. "

Interrogation of the six defendants lasted more than three hours, and none of them have admitted the charges completely. Partially admitted that hit several times by the police shields and fences, but after, they themselves have batons. What went voluntarily to know the results of elections and express their civil position they had not seen the riots and the madding crowds, but only civilians. Why did the defendants have been charged with a criminal offense, said one of the relatives of the accused:

"To all sat under a broom, like a mouse, so no one even dared to look towards Drozdov. Repent as follows — get three years, and will not repent — four, something like this. "

After the speeches, the accused in the court adjourned until 10:00 on May 6.


Finally, the Court

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