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Andrey Dmitriev — no stranger to the Belarusian politics. But as a public figure — definitely a new character for her. Suddenly, he loudly declared it a year ago. What fundamentally — not personal claims from the stands or facebook, and — technologies that ensure the effectiveness of action.

It's about the "Tell the truth." Andrew was at the very sources of the initiative, which was not immediately known in one capital, and in the whole country, not just politically engaged public, but also indifferent to politics private. The campaign has sparked a concern, respect, support and suspicion, contempt, opposition. All in one. And that "one thing" was an entirely new and unexpected vibrant force.

"Dad, how does this differ from the occupation?"

… By policy, he began to adapt a teenager in the crucial 1990, in the wake of the Belarusian nationalism. It is not surprising, unless you consider that the young man was "very Russian family." And it is extremely intelligent: have you ever seen the father, mother, son, sit down together for the evening to see the fashion show, and to discuss the key excerpt from the book? More often — Pushkin and Chekhov. Although, of course, spastsigalasya and the works of other Russian geniuses.

And suddenly — the evil Andrew gradually became stsvyarzhatstsa the opinion that the holding solely because of their — Russian — culture, his parents are doing something wrong … There were times when it seemed to him that by doing so they Pushkin, the Russian people, the will of fate nailed to Minsk, contribute almost … Russification of Belarus! But he, unlike the mother and father, was born here, and Belarus, not Russia — his native land!

At the same time the guy realized: on the one hand, his father, a high-ranking military man, could not be "occupiers" and on the other — that's the same as in the family, sacral relationship to the culture of Russia and the Soviet Union supported the system that is destroying the culture of Belarus.

Together with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu

Son of the military, Andrei released from school studying the "language." However, in the 8th grade as a sign of opposition to the cultural circle of the family, he voluntarily sat down at the book and began to read relatives defiantly not Pushkin, and — Bogdanovich. Family disputes pushed to comprehend the depth of the Belarusian poetry and prose. Still remembers his own revelation of Maxim Gorki, for he is not inferior to the European masters essay!

And digging history of the country, not just wondering: how is it — in this land so momentous was happening, there are huge opportunities were there, but … Not too often failed to realize the brilliant ideas? Why? What prevented? How to fix it?

In search of the answer was to go to rallies "BPF Youth". There are fascinated by the atmosphere fun, but the answers to the questions were lacking. This cooled the political fervor. Besides agitated relatives: father, just as a new assignment — to Moscow, respectively, before his son opened a bright future: the choice was between the famous University and the Institute of International Relations … A young man stared, but on a scale of maximalism that the family gradually accepted the son's intention to remain in Minsk, the only one putting in return: no classes in politics! This word has been associated them with danger.

At the same time collecting signatures for Chyhir, studied Kant and mastering business

… And in 20 years, Andrew and without parental advice was not up to the politicians: a son, and you had something to feed my family. Education was combined with the comprehension skills of survival.

Although the latter under certain conditions, could easily become drugaplyanavym, as a priority, on the contrary, would stay again for the study. The fact that Andrew had made with their fathers exact agreement: it has the right to live as he wants to take any decision as long as he can survive. What help is still needed — be kind, accept our rules, to coordinate their plans with our views …

Allegedly, easy and convenient to go to a "reconciliation", so it definitely would only benefit his son. But he was obstinate. After all, the freedom to make decisions for Andrew was already the most important.

As a result, served in the Army, then settled into a good business, become self is said to be on track.

And then — in my head was born a new political paradigm. It was not based solely on the national foundation, but primarily on the recognition of civil rights and liberties.

On the alternative elections Chyhir in 1999 Dmitriev adshlifovvav new idea. At the same time he was collecting signatures for Mikhail Nikolayevich, Kant and Schopenhauer studied at the Faculty of Yerevan State University and studied business.

It seemed that now, at the turn of the millennium, he and like-minded people got a real chance to change the situation in the country — look how life is spinning! However, it paviravala-paviravala yes back on track.

Disappointment … Despair … Apathy …

And a new attempt a 25-year old young ambitious people to understand the balance of power, check out the political technologies in "real — unreal" during "strange" election of 2006.

— Basically, I am a man of action — admits Andrew, when he was accused of being too, as some seem to activity. — I'm curious to check the knowledge of the practice. I want not only to understand how and what works in theory, but to see how knowledge brings results.

It was in order to see finally gives the technology benefits, Dmitriev goes to Russia to work for the election of the Union of Right Forces. It was a rewarding experience.

Part of it could break in on the Belarusian "parliamentary" elections.

New reminiscent of former Communist Party members: it's just nice people …

The next logical step was to join the United Civil Party, where a year later he led the district community.

The first thing you did then, in 2001-2002 — tried personally vyzvonit party members who were registered in the organization, to meet and talk with them.

— I personally faced with apathy, which today in many political circles. The party then decided to collect donations — something around $ 10 a year. So, out of 100 people who walked in person, the money handed over 10 party members, and some have done it for two passes, at 5 bucks … The other general said that figure "very heavy", which they conceded the UCP under other conditions, in that situation, and now have no interest, because it was the friendship neperspektyvnyya. But the Party? The party must provide itself, and not at the expense of the members!

Enthusiasm diminished, but the desire to work, coming up with something new in order to remedy the situation remained. Oddly enough, the young man with the experience of successful business lost his romantic view: hope, in particular, that would shock ordinary … issuing party tickets!

But — as the saying goes, the expectations of a bummer … And Dmitriev came to the conclusion that basically they are all lovely
people, but have never been real party members — well, in a sense, like the Communists of the 1980s!

What then to do a lot to be a living structure that it developed in accordance with the logic of the situation? He came up with new projects, strokes, but the output was minuscule.

In the end, came to the conclusion that this remains true today: the cause of stagnation in the very UCP — lack of opportunities for personal development, growth. At a time when the party is a system if it is not allowed in — the Parliament the same, there is no update. And as a result, according to Dmitriev, the worst happens: you do not grow, because there are serious challenges. No, this is not the fault of the party leadership — just as is the situation in the country.

However, to put up with inaction, he could not: the party, if it is, can not exist simply as a club of like-minded. Of course, you can expect mythical change, saying that the situation will change, stagnation will pass …

But the wait is not necessary.

This is serious — on the wheel so no beating …

Again with the head in the business — the only area that exists only by a process of permanent action and development. There — or won and got the result, or lost — but not to burn itself out quickly to change, otherwise the case will die. He was a businessman, not only because the required means of subsistence. First of all — from knowledge: in this way you can develop the necessary qualities for a politician.

On this background, it seemed that both the government and the opposition in Belarus is somewhat similar in its traditional opposition. After all there, and kept there indefinitely to work up some rules.

But the business — other: here the freedom of choice, flexibility and, oddly enough, the creativity.

The Congress of the United Civil Party. Andrey Dmitriev reads messages from the European parties

Yet the deeds of the party Dmitriev not depart. In 2007, he became the international secretary of the United Civil Party, which gave the opportunity to communicate with foreign partners. Here unexpectedly realized that many of them see Belarus and the opposition in an unreal world, as they themselves would have liked. For example, many donors support specific opposition figures — those who are used to going to work. As a result, the program funded by the routine-formal, which had little to do with what could really make a difference.

It seemed very influential foreigners often do not realize that the majority of Belarusian "delegates" talk to them in advance of the proposed language on. And if someone suddenly trying to change the format of communication to bring the interlocutors on the ground, rather it became an enemy of most of the participants in the conversation — on both sides.

Not immediately, but broke with tradition Dmitriev communication with the West on a formalized language.

In fact, he personally lost a little of that risk: politics was not for him a means of existence.

— Of course, many people thought it strange that someone gives money, and we have answered you correctly assess our situation and suggest the wrong sequence of actions … You see, our people are not able to say so, even within their own parties!

Before the election, the 2010 Dmitriev did not have much enthusiasm. Assumed that they will be even worse than the previous ones, when people unexpectedly supported the opposition, and she did not know what to do with it.

And just when it was thought about the real politics less likely fate brought with Alexander Feduta. Wanted to meet you for a long time: read his books, blog, and suddenly won political scientist invented the competition. The prize was a book autographed and dinner for two.

During the unexpected acquaintance realized: much they value equally matched views on the development of fundamental political issues, there is an understanding in the analysis of the situation within the government and the opposition, the state as a whole.

Gradually, however, quickly came to the conclusion that you can try to do something completely new — not the party, and a public campaign or initiative. So there was "Tell the truth."

What is important: regardless of conflicting claims, it perceived a platform that is fundamentally different from the traditional opposition structures.

"Tell the truth" is not rigidly ideological served as its organizers stood on the firm belief: in the absence of a parliament is important to unite people on the basis of a common understanding of the main — the country needs to evolve differently.

Released from prison May 21, 2010

A further important difference — a fundamentally new leader, not a traditional frame holder.

Besides Dmitriev about the first time during the existence of the Democratic Party of programs and movements in Belarus spoke about varyyatyvnasts political strategies. And the nomination of leader of the campaign for the presidency — is just one of the variations of the "Tell the truth."

The company did a lot of innovative things for Belarus, which until now has been the opposition to do, as they say, "Scrap" and thus does not add yourself friends or allies in a democratic environment. And it's not about any individual or bright flashes of rare initiative. The cost of the "Tell the Truth" — did not stop harping Dmitriev — is that it massively and deliberately sought to attach to the activity of the population, to drag it through the solution of local problems and projects in the understanding of the common problems of the country. And his team reached.

Andrey Dmitriev, Svetlana Naumova, Sergei Wozniak. February 2011

After the massacre of May 18, 2010 Dmitriev understood all seriously — on the wheel so no beating … That's when it became clear that the strategy of "Tell the Truth" at the beginning of irreversible changes in the country — is correct.

Barbara Kotova, an activist of the "Tell the Truth"



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