Animals can talk to their owners through telepathic communication

December 9, 2012 18:04

Scientific studies show that animals can "talk" with their owners through telepathic communication.

The fact that our brothers less capable of telepathy, known since time immemorial. In the New Testament book of Mark says that after the baptism of the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness where he spent forty days with the animals, and they understood each other.

 In Middle Egypt routinely communicate with the lion Saint Anthony, in Russia with a bear — Lesson. And as for the anatomical features animals can not speak, communicating with them was mental, that is, telepathic.

In China and other Eastern countries was made to show who came to visit unfamiliar people their dogs and horses. By the reaction of the animals owners judged that one of the guests at the good intentions and who is plotting something evil.

These clever rat

Nowadays, the ability of telepathy the animal world doubt the orthodox scientists. Only serious research led scholars to recognize this phenomenon.
One such study was conducted by Dr. Igor Smirnov of Medical Sciences. It all started with the fact that the scientist fired "delusional", according to fellow psychologists idea: experimentally explore the possibility of distant effects of a living creature on the mind, and, therefore, the behavior of another.

His group has put thousands of experiments on 47 dogs, 322 rabbits, 20 guinea pigs, rats and 2023. And all experiments were conducted using a whole range of complex devices. So that the scientific validity of research was flawless. And this is very important, as it came to disavow science phenomenon of telepathic animal interaction.

As a result, the researchers were able to establish a remarkable thing: experimental animal responsive to the physical signals of biological origin, if they contain enough meaningful information for him.

And the very energy of the signal was too small to cause a biological reaction in the person to whom they are addressed. In other words, when one animal is very much like to communicate something important to another, the destination learned about it on the telepathic link.

This is particularly true when the experiments involved pairs trained individuals. Under natural conditions, they correspond to the members of one of the pack. Take for example the rat in real life obviously serve as a very gifted telepathic.

So, two Pasyukov placed in a special chamber with two compartments and metal floors. When both rats were together in one of the offices, audible or light signal, followed by a short delay they received half a weak, but still a painful electric shock.
Pasyuk quickly discovered that salvation in another department, and in the case of a signal immediately ran to a safe place — the second compartment. Moreover, the internal changes in their body registered devices. The rats were then seated alone in the same cell, waiting in the next room.

So that they could neither see nor hear the signals addressed to one of them. But once in a single cell horn or bell rang, both synchronously rats fleeing! And the readings they were identical. That is one telepathically filed second alarm.

About the killers, "said" … elephant

Currently, there are a lot of oral and written evidence of telepathic abilities in our smaller brothers. On one of the most significant cases of mental perception of information from the animal in his memoirs the former official British colonial administration in Kenya Ray Griesbach.

In the national park on the farm family was brutally murdered hunter: he, his wife and three small children. Police suspect that this is a terrible crime was committed poachers going after elephant tusks, which waged a ferocious war huntsman. However, despite all efforts, to go on their trail could not manage.

Suddenly, the police station was the elder son of fourteen huntsman, who claimed that he knew who killed his family. The police were skeptical. Indeed, during the massacre at the farm boy was staying with relatives in a remote village on the border of the national park. So he learned about the tragedy in a week when I got home.

However, the boy continued to insist on. He described the appearance of the three men — two white and one African, who finished with his relatives, and reported some details of what happened on the farm.

By signs, mentioned, the police quickly arrested a local guide, who confessed that showed the way to the farm two white visitors, ostensibly for hunters who wanted to hire a tour of the national park. True, the crime itself is nothing to tell the conductor could not or did not want.

Then in Nairobi were arrested two Europeans who, according to police, were smuggling ivory. They were so amazed when the investigator gave them incriminating details of the slaughter on the farm that did not lock up and confessed.

Naturally, after that, police want to know where the son learned so rangers important clues. The boy claimed to have him all to "tell" the manual elephant Jumbo, who lived on a farm and seen the bloody drama. But the police did not believe him, for all his intelligence, elephants can not talk.

But Ray Griesbach, an interest in this case, had several conversations with the boy. He stubbornly repeated that when he returned to the farm, where the elephant alone grieved, he rushed up to him and "put his arm around his trunk."

"I very strongly cried, and Jumbo, to comfort me, told me who did it, to be found and punished" — that was all that was found in the adolescent British official.

Talk to me, boss.

Note that in recent years the U.S. has been psychics who specialize in establishing informational contact with animals.

These people — they are called "razgovorschikami" — act as translators telepaths, as information from our smaller brothers did not come in the form of words and visual images that are necessary to understand and to interpret. And the questions they should be able to ask, too, in the form of "pictures."

A large number of these "conversations" in the Book of A.Mayersa "Communication with the animals." And the most "talkative" are dogs and horses. Therefore, American veterinarians are increasingly looking for advice razgovorschikam.

Here is one of the typical cases. In the veterinary hospital received expensive horse, which suddenly began to come to the last race. No illness had not found, but the situation remained the same.
Then the owner of the horse asked razgovorschika. What he found was a complete surprise for veterinarians: Steed was neurotic. Feeling of rushing him to the racetrack herd was unbearable for him, and he especially missed in front of all the horses.

After that he took up treatment telepath. Horse "asked" to bring her out of the old stables favorite bucket that she is not a sedative operated nerves. Racehorse started to give it oats and drink only from him. Gradually the horse came back to normal again and began to successfully participate in the races.

And in Mexico razgovorschiku with dogs could solve a murder. Certain Maria Alvarez was shot dead in his home. The police suspected that it made her husband Gerardo, but was unable to gather evidence against him. The main thing was not a weapon from which a woman was shot.

Then came on the scene a telepath, who took "interrogate" the lost dog named yet, who was in the house at the time of the murder. Dog "told" that Mary did kill her husband. He hit a poor woman, she fell down and lost consciousness.

Selfless dog jumped on the assailant and grabbed his elbow. Gerardo offender threw Poku and fired several shots at his wife's head. He wanted to shoot the dog, but she managed to escape. However, from the shelter, she saw the killer threw the gun into the old well.

The police went to the scene and found the weapons in places where have a dog — in the old pit. On the gun were found fingerprints Gerardo. In addition, the elbow had been signs of canine teeth. Under the pressure of hard evidence offender confessed.

What question is the answer

Telepatichesk4omu communication can be learned — this researcher believes the behavior of "our little" Anna Breytenbach from South Africa. Her workshops in Johannesburg always gather a lot of listeners, one way or another connected with the animals: biologists, veterinarians and owners just dogs, cats and other pets.

What should be done to better understand the animal you? How to bring your message to them?

To this end, according to the researcher, it is necessary to comply with two rules. First, your question to the animal should be as simple and clear — and then get a definite answer. Say specify items for dogs: "What are you drinking?" "Of what are you eating?", "Where do you like to sleep?"
After that, try to concentrate on the issue and looking into the eyes of a dog, mentally imagine this question in the form of a visual image, send it to your pet. In the same form and it should come back. To get it, close your eyes and nothing do not think that you have emerged mentally black field. His background and image pictures appear on your "buddy."

The reliability of this method is demonstrated by the fact that the workshops Anna Breytenbach half of the participants reported that answering the animal they saw clearly enough bowls and even distinguish their color, and 80 percent claimed that clearly perceived the image lying on a mat or mattress pet.
These exercises, according to Anne, very helpful to develop the creation of mental images and master the techniques of telepathic communication. As your level of training of this "interview" will grow. This will expand the subject asked questions and received answers.

In this case, the researcher said, the animals in response unusually truthful. Anna herself told me that during one of the sessions of telepathic connection, she tried to find the dog, it was regarded as the late master. Soon the brain researcher image appeared a man's hand and for some reason the head of an eagle.
The dog began to whine with and show signs of fear. The widow said that her late husband did not like the dog and used to pokolachival. When asked about the head of an eagle woman immediately said that this was a tattoo on the arm of her husband …

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