Archaeologists try to unravel the mystery of the settlement era of Bohai in Primorye

September 10, 2012 16:16

 The palace complex occupies 16 hectares of land.

Excavations on the plateau of Sikhote-Alin archaeologists presented new discoveries. The fact that around Koksharovki a historical monument, was known in the late 19th century. But what in the picturesque hinterland of the taiga be found remnants of a huge building, the scientists could not even predict, says "The first Internet TV Primorye."

This place was the entrance to one of the scientists found the buildings. Interior, architecture and, most importantly, its magnitude — 130 square meters — suggests that it refers to the central building of the palace complex. However, here the views of scientists disagree. Some believe it was an office building. For others, it is — a place for remembrance of the dead.

Now mound Koksharovka-1 family of archaeologists opened a huge building with total area of just over a thousand square meters. And the whole city has 16 acres. Residues each have perfect kanvovuyu heating system. A radiocarbon dating of charred wood walls shows that this complex existed after 926-year — the end of the era of state Bohai.

The tone of Kim Fung, researcher at the State Research Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Korea: "Our institute has long joined the regular expeditions to the mound Koksharovka-1. After all, it belongs to the kingdom of Bohai, which was located in what is now the Maritime region, Manchuria and our Korean Peninsula. But this finding shows that the city is one of the administrative centers of the Bohai Kingdom. "

But such a construction, archaeologists discovered this summer. Strong fence of the palace complex close the monumental gate. Each stone Irina measure with a ruler and carefully prints on paper.

Irina Gridasova, Senior Laboratory Division of prehistoric archeology IIAE FEB RAS: "There vyrostka gate. But the base are visible, but the plow greatly undermined. This is the remains of the pillars on which the whole structure was fixed. "

Such attention to detail of the palace of the taiga, scientists explain that this administrative center of the Fo-hai in Primorye has been found. The architecture of the palace is similar to that which occurred in the capital cities of medieval East Asian civilization.

Nikolai Klyuev, head of the Division of prehistoric archeology IIAE FEB RAS: "Judging by the vague information in the annals of the creation of several vassal states are dependent on the Liao Empire, that is, Kidane, they can be confirmed by the example of the settlement Koksharovka-1. "

Scientists have long believed that once existed Primorye Bohai two provinces was not just the outskirts of the empire. Field season historians lasts only 50 days. There are still two years. And if scientists can find at least a sign to make a binding to historical figures, the value for the history of the palace complex of the Far East will be a sensation.

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