Are there any new trends in the trials of political prisoners?

Society members: Vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski and chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak.

Ales Bialiatski


Valery Karbalevich

The new socio-political background of trials

Valery Karbalevich"The authorities in the forced pace eager to finish the job on Dec. 19 court cases. The trials take place almost conveyor. And in the time that has passed from the start of the first ships, changed social background.

Here, for example, there was a terrorist attack. And compared to the crime event on December 19, even the broken doors of Government House, looking innocent.

On the other hand, the country has begun currency, the economic crisis. People are unhappy. And many may change their assessment of the events of December 19. Like, if the government is so weak, broken doors in the government building — a small sin. What impact has this new social background on the course of litigation? . "

Ales Bialiatski"After the attack rose hysteria in the state media. Lexicon has become the country's military leaders. Were the words "libel", "spreading false information", "fifth column." This created an unfavorable environment for the processes of the case on December 19. After the terrorist attack on the hope that the courts may go the way of commutation of sentences, have disappeared. Sentences of five members on Thursday December 19 events have confirmed it.

We see that the judges are held for the article 293 of the Criminal Code ("riots"). All attempts and lawyers, and witnesses and the accused to convince that the riots were not, stumble upon a misunderstanding of the courts. People get long prison terms (3-4 years). So I have a sad predictions for the verdicts in these processes. Obviously, the authorities have chosen a line on the escalation of the conflict with the opposition, civil society and the West. "

Obviously, the authorities have chosen a line on the escalation of the conflict with the opposition, civil society and the West.

Hulak"In fact, the country is in a state of emergency, although it does not formally announced. And after the attack, and the emergence of currency problems of the state of emergency is only increasing. In this position, and are made by state institutions (police, intelligence agencies, court). Therefore it is a real way out of this impasse is not necessary. "

What are the characteristics of these vessels?

Karbalevich"You can see some new trends in the current litigation of the case on December 19 in comparison with the previous ones? Maybe there are some features? Can you say that sentences have become more lenient or more severe? Or some new trends are not obvious? "

Bialiatski"Not fully understand the meaning of a number of defendants charged retraining on the softer of the Criminal Code. It is necessary to wait until all processes. Here Bondarenko, despite the re-qualification, received two years of the colony. I think the reason that retraining is simple: to these people did not find anything, no serious indictments of the facts.

Actually, I must say that the courts act as puppets. They are not independent. A sign the decision, I think, in the presidential administration, and perhaps personally Lukashenko. This is very reminiscent of the violence.

At the trial against Sannikov I played witness spoke for about 40 minutes. And he saw that sometimes the judge did not listen. Do not asked me a single question. And I have the impression that the verdict is already there, and the judge simply drives the process to complete the formalities. "

Gulak"Basically, the courts do not differ from those that have gone before. The same absolute lack of evidence. Is it possible to note that the reduction in the amount of claims for material damage compared to those who appeared in the course of the investigation.

The essence of these processes — the intimidation of society.

Then, a more active role held by lawyers. They put forward a request for additions of the investigation, bringing new evidence. The courts refused, citing the fact that the evidence is sufficient. And thus revealed their identity, accusatory.

A perakvalifikavanne charges on softer paper was used Belarusian diplomacy to show Europe softening of the government.

Yet it should be noted that the opposition got more status than ordinary protesters on December 19. It fits into the logic of these processes, the essence of which — intimidation of society. "

Or reach authorities such processes your goal?

Karbalevich"Here in the course of this last thought, which was expressed Gulak. Or reach their goals of power by those courts, sentences? For example, a gain of fear? By the way, in what format the opposition held this year, the traditional Freedom Day demonstration and Chernobyl way, can we say that the actions of the authorities to intimidate give its effect? "

Bialiatski"It's hard to say anything definite. After all, these actions were not indicative of the opposition. Parties and political movements are not in the best condition.

But the economic crisis has led to the fact that the degree of stress in society will be determined not by these structures. The society began silent. After all, if the problems will begin to hundreds of thousands of people, the authorities can not cope. "

Karbalevich"Perhaps the authorities do not soon be up to the opposition. But that's officially reported that 600 thousand people lost their jobs as a result of the crisis. But there were no protests or social conflicts, we do not see. "

Gulak"People do not iron, of course, I am. Another question is whether through fear to keep society in check. History shows that this is not the case. Socio-economic factors will play the leading role. Fun Fact: The demand for information has increased compared to the situation after December 19. "

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