Area after the crackdown on December 19: no shovels, no bottles

On the third day trial Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym Eremenko, with evidence of speaking Peter Kuchko. He showed photographs taken immediately after the dispersal of the rally in the Square.

Kuchko witness said he was at the rally on December 19 — came to hear the speeches of the candidates. The action was peaceful. He learned about the action of the meetings with opposition candidates. Walked one. Was October Square in 19 hours.

Peter Kuchko

"Opposition candidates came about 20 hours. Meeting does not have enough space in the Square, protesters prevented music, ice skating," — says a witness.

When people came to Independence Avenue, they would have privacy. During the march there was an atmosphere of inspiration and enthusiasm.

Kuchko said that he remained in Independence Square after the crackdown. On it, an old man, not commandos pay attention. He said that after the crackdown on the Square there were no bottles ledarubav, cans and anything else that later showed BT in the movie "iron on the glass." The witness described the movie fake and said that on the evening after the dissolution of the mobile phone has made five shots Square after the crackdown, in which the columns are fixed police car and do not see anything that showed BT and referred to in the record.

Kuchko asked to join these pictures to the case. The prosecutor opposed. Lawyers supported Kuchko.

Some in the audience zaapladiravali deed witnesses.

After the lawyers and defendants acquainted with pictures Squares made by Peter Kuchko.

Kuchko said he was ready to give fotaparat for examination. The judge was surprised that the police did not witness aryshtvali on the night of the 20th of December.

Kuchko explained, "Radio Liberty", that night he was not detained because of his shows have taken over. He was free to watch the area after dispersal, where there was no vzusim items.

Later in the film "Iron Glass" showed that in this area were allegedly different shovels, bottles, iron sticks, cans of flammable liquid. A bunch is outraged and so he decided to deny it in court.

Stills from the film BT "iron on glass":

The judge refused the application to adduce pictures, because "they do not have time."

Lawyers naystoyvayuts on what is needed to study the notch camera when the files were created.


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