As NASA prepared to realize the plot of the movie Armageddon

September 3, 2012 11:43

The U.S. space agency is going to repeat the feat of the Bruce Willis movie "Armageddon." In the laboratory, a virtual reality already fulfill NASA landing on an asteroid. Task: change the trajectory of dangerous space object, to save the Earth from a collision. So far, the difficulties faced by astronauts involved in the experiments.

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The radio signal from the selected NASA asteroid to Earth is 50 seconds. With this delay, astronauts and learn to execute commands from a center pass

In the virtual reality lab trying to figure out how long it takes the astronaut to move from one space to another mine. But the problem of the maximum set by President Barack Obama in 2025 did not just fly up and land on an asteroid. While it was possible only to Bruce Willis in the Hollywood film "Armageddon."

— Bruce was the task of an asteroid smash into pieces and prevent a collision with the Earth. And by the way, one more question, if it went good. After all fragments too dangerous. We develop another option: when our ship, for example, be able to create so much pressure that will cause the asteroid to change the trajectory, — says the program manager of the project, NASA astronaut Michael Kernhart.

And yet, in the first place Americans interested resources.

Rocket fuel can be made from water that has some asteroids. Since asteroids in the future and plan to run the ships. This is much more, and cheaper than from Earth.

The prototype device for landing is ready.

However, there is still no answer to the main question: what to do with the zero gravity? After all, on an asteroid in contrast to the same power of attraction of the moon is practically absent. In such circumstances, the ship, not to mention astronauts, simply will carry into space.

— We, of course, a little cheated when doing these experiments. How to fix the ship on the surface, we do not know yet. The more that the asteroids are very different from each other in structure — shrugs NASA scientist John Gruner.

Asteroid Itokawa selected for landing, NASA learned from all sides. It is also known that if the promised Obama in 2025, NASA will not solve the problem of zero gravity, you can not rush. The next flight will open a window to the asteroid exactly six years.

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