At 30, the Bolsheviks came Bangalore

The rally in Bangalore Square in defense of workers' rights on May 1 in Minsk attended by about 30 people. The meeting was conducted by representatives of the organizing committee of the National Bolshevik Party of Belarus (NBP) and the NGO "For the Union and the Communist Party of the Union" (CIRR).

The event was sanctioned by the city.

As BelaPAN spokesman Dmitry NBP bruises, traditionally held on May 1 march from the building of the National Academy of Sciences to Bangalore Square. However, This year, march was banned.

Chairman Leonid CIRR Schoolchildren proposed to adopt a resolution which states that "all patriotic forces Republic of Belarus must unite against the onslaught of U.S. military and political elites of global capital in the face of the rulers of the United States, European Union and Russian oligarchs in the fight against modern imperialism. "

"We declare our solidarity with the people who are forced to take up arms to defend its independence and stop the economic expansion and encourage the workers and the workers of the world unite and organize themselves to carry through the elimination of inhuman capitalist system. We declare our solidarity with the people of the metropolis who struggle with the dominance of capital, for socialism., we endorse the peoples of countries that are developing in their struggle for political independence and economic equality with the developed countries, "- says the resolution.

Moreover, the protesters "strongly advised" to the authorities and the public of Belarus "to amend the Constitution and the Electoral Code, which will send to the National Assembly of Belarus, local councils, especially the workers, peasants, labor, science and technology, intellectuals, officials of the Armed Forces , to implement the law and to guarantee in practice working with the state to participate in the management of enterprises, organizations and institutions to stop senseless and harmful reforms in the education system. "

This resolution was approved by the meeting participants.

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