At a conference on the Yeti in the Kuzbass American spoke of his friendship with the yeti

October 7, 2011 16:15

First met my mother — dear housewife, woman, American Robin Lynn and mighty white furry yeti.
— My family moved to the house in the woods and soon I went out to the back yard, I saw an unusual creature similar to man, but covered with hair. More precisely, I saw the back yeti. Suddenly, "snow" man bent down, picked out of the grass, picked up someone. I gasped at the yeti — the chest, so it is "snow" woman, and in her hands her baby — worrying, says Robin Lynn — scientists, gathered in the Kuzbass in Tashtagol, from the U.S., Canada, Estonia, Russia, the international Conference on "snow" man. — And suddenly "snow" woman turned. She and I are standing, looking into each other's eyes. I — no fear, nothing but amazement. And she has the same opinion. We both — women, both as it turned out later, as the observation and study, large quantities of children. With this sudden understanding and attraction all started …

 Robin has now become a worldwide sensation present in the Kuzbass, the international conference on the "snow" man.
— In Robin — a large area in Michigan, her house is in the woods. There's 10 acres of forest. "Snow" people, or, as the Americans say — Bigfoot, have shown themselves, come in contact and a half years ago. Bigfoot began to come to the house of Robin. She started to leave them for the night treats. And Yeti so accustomed that even now, if she was late with dinner for Bigfoot, and — they start banging sticks on trees. Such a noise in the woods pick! And she's in a hurry, running with buckets of food to trees, tying them and leaves. And once the yeti even untied empty baskets and buckets from the trees and on the doorstep of Robin set: that come, fills faster … Should this occur in Russia, we would call that a yeti cause "their Robin", rustling in the whole forest, bullying … — Robin story translates excited and smiling Igor Burtsev known cryptozoologist, Ph.D., director of the International Center hominology.
Robin (recognized) for some reason a child dreamed of meeting with "snow" man.
— And I was lucky. My husband and children moved to the village Frimand (Michigan). In our side of the road — just five homes, and our — at the outskirts is in the forest. No one ever in the area of "snow" people have not. But not Bigfoot come to us, and we to them, it turns out, the forest settled. I think they're in the forest lived a long time … and they were friendly. But children, I still banned a walk in the woods — just me, so nothing happens. We often go for a walk and see the flash, sometimes, between the trees, silhouettes yeti or hear their voice. This is their world, and we are guests in it.
On Christmas Robin fries two turkeys — for his family and for the Yeti
On the first meeting with the "snow" female Robin once told the children and her husband, a truck driver, he works for 6 days a week and have one day off, and Robin decided he did not care. Admitted only when I woke up in the morning, and in their home a few strips of siding a powerful force has collapsed. Traces on the ground barefoot, ogoromnye. And under the house — a hole as hole appeared.
— I realized that our family interested in the Yeti, came. I too was curious. And the night I put them gifts — cinnamon rolls, a dolphin, a bucket of dog food and a bucket of water.
The next morning it was empty, like it ate.
Since Robin every night buckets suspended from the tree with goodies for the Yeti. Not only tasty. But in winter, including corn and hay lay — all take a toll.
And even exposes them with yummy Christmas table. Including twice cooked Christmas turkey for their children and — for the "snow" of the family. Turkey they liked.
— But most of all they loved the cinnamon rolls and berry. I cook them a few times a week. And if you do not have time, then bring the store. I hang them on the branches of six rolls, if few, they knock on the window. Muffin love only fresh, not stale take — explains Robin. — Feed the yeti, of course, expensive, they take $ 200 a month. But this amazing track we all cherish.
Yeti in response too, sometimes, give gifts. Robin says that once out of the woods they threw children's ball, stranger.
And in turn — took a forgotten yard youngest daughter Robin — dinosaur (toy), a black monster with ferocious jaws. Surely dinosaur kids Yeti hit, such a beast they had never seen. But kids Yeti played enough, and two weeks later planted dinosaur back yard. Bitten, but the whole.
"Snow" people protect us from wild animals, and teach kindness
Famous scientist-cryptozoologist Igor Burtsev Robin wrote herself.
In America, it is in contact with anyone about the "snow" people did not tell — was afraid nabezhit people, and yetis, she has known, the noise of the forest and can not stand. They even followed the car with a rare visitor, is to visit and leave, it is a stones throw from the forest. Stone flies are not aiming to fall behind the car, in the back, but a warning: do not part, not make noise.
— I studied photos sent Robin traces Yeti came near the house, and set the tent. And make sure that the house is indeed come to such beings, — Igor Burtsev. — Robin and his family counted that about 11 of those individuals. Have white fur, is beige and dark. Intentions — friendly. So they live and teach others. For example, the son of Robin played — archery. And arrows flew into the forest. He went to look for an arrow. And he was hit not much, but it is instructive to stick more often: that means — not to shoot into the woods. Another family Robin tried to hunt deer, ambushed. Come check — all broken down, it is a lesson — you can not hunt deer, let them live.
Yeti also (thanks Robin) protect the house from wild animals. In the woods before they were carried out tigers, Lynn and family, as newcomers, the neighbors warned of the danger. But the Tigers suddenly gone somewhere. Robin is sure: this "snow" family maintain it.
The "snow" in the summer of the family now had three children. And shortly before the departure of Robin in the Kuzbass forest was heard crying little "mohnatika" was born one. Family Robin glad. After all, happiness — in children, although a Yeti, even though we, their neighbors-people.



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