At the turn of the currency pensioner takes a meal



Currency buying and selling dollars in banks in the Brest region are almost identical, the difference — just a few cents. Most people do not have the currency exchangers. Or use the services of currency dealers are turning to entrepreneurs.

Large queues are going to want to buy the currency exchange offices near train stations.
In Ivatsevichy in Brest queue of those wishing to purchase a currency — exchange points near the train station and the market. Some stand in line most of the day. Pensioner from Ivatsevichy Mariya collects dollars for her granddaughter, who is studying in Minsk. The money is needed to pay for an apartment:
"I am already 73 years old, I have a lot of time, so I stand in line outside of the exchanger. A queue is quite large. Day before yesterday I was 11th in line. Stood all day and did not buy it. Grand daughter is studying in Minsk. For an apartment she needs pay a dollar, Belarusian nobody wants to take. So I stand at the exchange point constantly. So I would not be standing here ever. "
A woman takes a meal, because, says, practically living outside the exchange office. However, the rent dollars are very rare:

For the whole day I was able to get only $ 100

"I literally from the beginning of April every day standing in line. But there is no pay at all. When is the Russian ruble from time to time appear, the U.S. — is very rare. Someone occasionally hand over $ 10. This week I managed to get only $ 100. A I stand here almost all day while working exchanger. But people do not have the money. now all become tricky, go to currency speculators. "
Around the exchange point for all market Ivatsevichy less. Dollars are sold for 3073 rubles, buy — 3070. In the exchanger few stops by post or an entrepreneur, or money changers, says Victor, who is standing in line nearly a week:

It is not known when the situation will change …

"There is quite a selling currencies.'s Recently brought in, passed the $ 10. And now I have to pay for the garage, on the flat rented. Nobody wants now Belarusian rubles take, refer to an arrangement whereby payment is in dollars. And where they are now to take? And by currency speculators I do not address. Risky it is very. And people are always needed currency. Now a lot of the wedding, you need to give. Many people want to buy a car. And the pay does not. And who knows when the situation will change. "

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