Atlantean history repeats

October 14, 2011 13:20

The era of the Atlantean civilization, perhaps the most mysterious period in the history of our planet. After the publication of the book respected clairvoyant Edgar Cayce "of Atlantis", the public has become more closely monitor this topic. She especially keen supporters of esoteric schools.

In 1902, during the eruption of Mont Pelee in Martinique — the main part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, destroyed all life, but life quickly revived and returned to the island. But now it was all a giant: plants, animals, insects — all became close and continued to grow at their own pace. Studying the phenomenon of this French island research station, found that the growth of animals and plants was caused by radiation made by the volcanic eruption deposits. Research director Jules Carver grew by 6 cm, and his assistant, 57, Dr. Rooyen — 5.5 cm A lizard "ldoruy", reaching an average of 10 cm in length, into a half-meter anomaly. Once an object (be it a person, plant or animal) were taken away from the island, the phenomenon of abnormal growth immediately stopped. After the reduction of radiation facilities decreased in size. Not it can be explained by the existence of the ancient reptiles, known among the nations — their contemporaries — like monsters or dragons?

The scientists who discovered the frozen dragon in Antarctica, have suggested that the glaciation occurred during the Mesozoic, about thirty thousand years ago. You can also mention here discovery expedition of Admiral Beyerda in 1946-47 yy — On one of the stones small little town of Ica Peru was engraved pattern being similar to a dinosaur. Picture supplements two hunters, attacking creature. Scientists are expected to classify this engraving to the era of Atlantis, which was preceded asurskaya civilization.

Primitive man who came out of the dungeon, started to gain height. Because of the low atmospheric pressure, the re-born people to lose it. Reconstructing the destroyed biosphere engaged demigods asuras surviving underground. And recreate them for about five thousand years.

An era of Atlantis — the first intelligent civilization that over the last 10 million years to build the city on the surface of the Earth. Atlantis existed between Europe and North America. Developed in many aspects of society is spread out over the entire planet. But, harsh environment, lack of development in the spiritual aspect of Atlantis, have generated fierce morality. Signs of this morality still exist. Adopting draconian morality Atlanta, divided into many nations and races. They had to be under these circumstances conquerors. Presumably at the same time and there was slavery.

Atlanta conquered almost all continents and reached an unprecedented power. The speed of thought they could move to any point on the planet in their flying machines — Wiman to keep everything under control. Ruthless exploitation of the earth's resources Atlanteans who built more and more of the city, caused a lot of environmental problems, gradually developed into an ecological disaster. Prophets, of which at the time was much, warned that near global cataclysm. But the ruling elite of the Atlanteans did not take the warnings seriously. Moreover, for this kind of distribution of "nonsense" put even the death penalty. And, as evidenced by the works of Plato, about 9000 BC there was a deluge. Atlantis disappeared from the Earth, plunging to the bottom of the ocean.

Atlantis situation symbolically repeated in our time — the leaders of some countries seek to control the entire nation, in spite of the warning of the prophecy, the most interesting of which, in the opinion of the Theosophists, the Biblical Apocalypse of John and the Michel Nostradamus quatrains.


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