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Baikal shore.  Photo:

Baikal shore. Photo:

Echo long war

St. George slays the dragon on the arms of MoscowAfter that a long war of the gods, in detail described in religious tracts of different nations, in which the participants were UFOs, our planet captured defeat the dragon, aliens, known in different religions under the name of the forces of Satan. They look like bipedal reptiles that are very similar to humans. Almost all people are called it the word "dragon". Today, some of them known to us as the "men in black", which interfere with all the important events in human society. They are especially active when it comes to the epochal discoveries, like the liberated atom or a new source of energy. Then they go beyond intimidation discoverers to their physical destruction — if they did not agree to work for them. The founder of ancient civilizations (the Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, Indians, Aztecs, Mayans), and among the peoples of the far north and the Australian Aboriginal art dragon is one of the main characters. This rise can be explained only by the creativity of one: our planet really was colonized Reptoid alien race. Where are these reptiles today? The monster of Loch Ness likely can live in various forms and in other cold waters. Referring to such a serious topic as contact detection of different civilizations and their totems on the sacred places of the earth, does not want to draw far-reaching conclusions. But between that of those who live on Lake Baikal long enough have seen many if not Carry, it really UFOs in full dress. On his nose in 2012 and no one knows how things will go our earthly story further. But there are still people with a broad thinking, seeing more different and are willing to work for peace. Our hero essay a practical man. Dreamer it is unlikely you will see. In the meantime:

Valery Rudentsov lived half my life on the lake. Cares for his soul, believing that you can get through to people, not to destroy the rare trees, did not leave trash, not kill Baikal. He lives in Shide. How the armor he cooked gate in his yard, a master. They have four points of strength — just under a terrible wind Baikal. For 30 years he has lived in various bays of Lake Baikal. Speaks of the wonderful bays. Left of the bay is Mandarhana Sagan Nuge, and the left is Ulan Hada Bay, where there are 20 geological layers. In Sagan Nuge has nine cultural layers — base and geophysicists.

On Lake Baikal are regularly Kosmopoisk group hoping to "catch" a UFO. Photo: Vadim Chernobrov, Kosmopoisk, 2003


All all sawing

-There are solid sand beaches. A wonderful place! Currently I work and live in the Bay of Shida. Numbers rybinspektorom in the Baikal National Park. I land surveyor. Watch over so as not to cut trees, not dig or disturb the landscape. Recommend tourists to clean up after a litter. To the lake is not the dirtiest stoked! What turned the peninsula Ulirbu? There's a dump! Tens of tons … and no exports. Because that takes money and strict control over the execution.

Hamarhanova Galina Protasovna periodically sends the car. They posobirat once a year … A pile Ulirbe under 100 square meters still remain. And debris over the years only on the banks accumulated. No funds and resources is not present at any of the local administration in the Baikal National Park. Nothing …

Since canceled a national park entrance fee when the item was raising money for Elantsami-means no. And then the money earmarked used. Only when there is money you can do … and utilities ekosbor canceled this because there were so many complaints from tourists: do what right, it's our heritage, we have the right to "once a year" to come here and have children, we do not have of vacation in Antalya …

All we have now in the environment protection volunteers. What stands out the national park, only 30% with barely enough to fight the fires. To clean the shores of Lake Baikal, there are no programs. All that I can do myself — is primarily to conduct preventive conversations with each group of tourists … At his own expense possess garbage bags — huge black bags, but please do not spoil, do not make a row.

— You live here as a hermit. A wife and children where?

— Wife of a teacher, teaches chemistry at the Academy, student daughter. They live in the city. And I '73 live Baikal. All the beaches here have traveled. First of all Baikal acute need special areas for garbage collection. Plus the need to install toilets to tourists like dog does not dig holes. Simply, it eventually blown sarma and mountain wind in the lake. Scuba diving here and saw that under the silt layers are cellophane and old networks, then there just is not! And all this is now at the bottom of the sea from our sacred resting …

Previously here in Mukhor never did things like carp. And now he had come. Trash fish — a sign of the swamp! .. The whole Baikal pace already twenty years will be turned into a swamp standing, with the participation of BPPM. We are conscious people are thrown off. Removal of garbage trucks. Note, only half of the people are ready to understand the sacrifice. Others simply include a program: we are still in taxes paid.

— Something to work in our country, we need two things: money and most importantly — control over their waste …

— Absolutely. Program on the use of public funds should be strictly applied.

— Every person in this life, above all, wants fresh impressions. It is above all nature and culture. And when a person has not been vaccinated in childhood aesthetic vibrant, spiritual emptiness is filled with alcohol. If we take the usual vacationer from the west, it is a butt for a gathering. Because as a child he was so inspired. Our children are raised as somehow lesson ancestors smoke-drink. Maybe it happened after 1917, when it all began to live like a volcano — just one day … Attitude to Baikal following. A typical group of tourists: guys, girls. Last: Well, guys, let us How to cook, ax-blade in his hands and went … aimlessly. Everything like that.


These fireballs seen on Lake Baikal in 2005. Photo:

— Very close. With a group of friends. It was April 17, 87 in the village of Kurma for CAPM. We had 13 people. Half past night one of our boys went outside for a few seconds runs, calls all of the yard. He stood in the center of the courtyard and showed the mark. Diagonally from the gesture — 150 meters above us hung a huge flying saucer. In the center of this plate has a phosphorescent beam purple. But on the edges of the windows yellow plates, much like our rural boxes. Diameter dish was 70 meters. We have seen it so clearly and for a long time, someone even offered to throw a stone at her … The weather was amazingly quiet, from the frozen dish was not even hear any rustling. Although there was a village behind Kurma — there heard a dog barking, the mooing cow. We were spellbound! And this polutorokalimetrah from our parking lot. A 150 meters from us utter dead silence. Only the windows are lit and the beam up and down slides … All 13 first let's discuss, then fell silent: there was a full moon and the visibility was so clear, that any of us to doubt the reality of plates could not in any way. And a plate sliding smoothly sailed along the coast to the Gulf and then slipped into the hills of Olkhon. Never before or since have I ever seen. Since not believe in UFO's was my blasphemy. But my friend keeper Alexander and colleagues living there for 20 years, always sees a UFO — and nothing, is still alive. And really not such a clear picture, and the glowing balls or cigars that we see regularly on the shores of Lake Baikal. They are! Maybe live in four dimensions, and may be there as on our missile silos have wings for UFOs.

— Do not you think that they are taking care of the cleanliness of Lake Baikal? It was therefore examined all around …

— I think they are not indifferent to the consequences of human activity. Indeed, after the Chernobyl disaster there are many unidentified flying objects of all kinds and is, observed so far. Why? And our spacecraft are also often accompanied by a UFO, not to speak of what they saw on the moon are the American astronauts. There was a UFO base, transit, apparently … is not given because the earthlings know that you can get energy from the vacuum and thus be able to move in space without fuel supplies. And as the speed of light relative invincibility has long been talk of the town …

— Well, if not abroad, who will help us except UFO?

The lights in the sky over the Irkutsk region.  Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2011

The lights in the sky over the Irkutsk region. Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2011

In the field of physics, then it has the most top-secret reports on the impact of certain frequencies on the human eye. Under the influence of these frequencies a person begins to see things through. It is clear that the Dragon Reptile these works are very dangerous: people could then see them. Analysis of the concept of "dragon" shows that the word is associated with the root "to see": in Sanskrit "see» — DRS, Ireland's "eye» — DERS, Greeks DERCOMD — «look askance" — much earlier its value — the "look of water. " This latter finding may indicate that detection of dragons on them to look out of the water. Period of open draconian slavery, facing humanity, is described by the Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetan, Native American and European nations. Dragons who claimed to be gods, priests sacrificed people and sacred animals. In those days men-gods were too trusting, and strangers them easily fooled. In particular, the Dragons managed to win the support of even such deities like Indra and Vishnu. And judging by the way some prominent religious leaders praise the Earth civilization Orions, one can assume that the dragons came from the constellation of Orion or disguised them.

Fireball over the waters of Lake Baikal. Photo:

When UFOs taxis?

Rather, when humanity will drive itself into an ecological impasse and economic collapse. It's enough to leave all our affairs so sad as they are. Pump oil, chop wood, dilute the mud. Another thing is that in our land a lot of unknown. And UFO base is not such a wild thing. We are talking about the parallel civilization, whether in Atlanta, had gone into the depths of the Earth, or the stealthy reptiles, but leave the current situation is without control, without the purpose of homo sapiens is simply unacceptable.

Mikhail Jurowski

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